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A History of Passwords

| Troy Hunt | | Leave a Comment
The following blog post was created using an excerpt from the Stealthbits Technologies/emt Distribution presentation “Prioritizing Password Security with Troy Hunt: The Good, the Bad, and the Ineffective”. Please see here to view the complete presentation. Let’s talk about passwords. In particular, let’s talk about where we’ve come from, where we are at the moment, and where things are going in the future. The history lesson of passwords is enormously important because it help…

What is the SigRed vulnerability in Windows DNS Server?

| Joe Dibley | | Leave a Comment
What is it? SigRed, CVE-2020-1350, is a remote code execution vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows DNS server that was publicly disclosed on July 14, 2020, by Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point.   When a DNS server receives a query for a domain it isn’t responsible (authoritative) for it asks a DNS server further up the hierarchy which DNS server is, and then queries that DNS server for the record. The vulnerability exists in how the Windows DNS server parses t…

The Importance of Updating Your Breach Password Dictionary

| Damon Tepe | | Leave a Comment
With breaches and cyber-attacks continually increasing every year, a constant stream of compromised passwords finds their way to the dark web for purchase and use. This should NOT be a surprise. 80% of breaches involved stolen or misused credentials1. And this makes sense … why use advanced attack techniques when stealing credentials and assuming user identities is easier, less detectable, and still works? Stealthbits leverages the “Have I Been Pwned” breach password dictionary within Stea…

What is Sensitive Data?

Sensitive data is a term that we hear quite often these days, especially as it relates to the plethora of data privacy laws that have been introduced over the past several years. Seemingly, the sensitive data definition is simple: sensitive data is any information that needs to be protected. What that really means though is often dependent on the nature of the business conducted by an organization and even more so, the responsible governing body. What is Considered Sensitive Data? T…
What is a Data Breach And How to Prevent One

What is a Data Breach and How to Prevent One

Data breach. There are fewer times that two simple words invoke so many fearful thoughts in the mind of a C-level executive. How did it happen? What was taken? What are we going to do? Who was responsible? There are many routes an organization may explore in terms of breach mitigation, but let us start at the beginning. This blog will cover some of the simple basics of a data breach – what it is, ways they are caused, etc. –  and some simple steps that an organization can …
SMBv3 Vulnerability Explained

SMBv3 Vulnerability Explained

| Kevin Joyce | | Leave a Comment
SMBGhost What Happened? This week, Microsoft accidentally published information around a newly identified vulnerability in SMBv3, which is being dubbed SMBGhost. This vulnerability can lead to remote code execution on the server, which is always a major concern as far as the severity of vulnerabilities go. The version affected specifically is 3.1.1, which is a more recent version. They mention that this can be exploited from an unauthenticated attacker who sends a specially crafted pack…
What is a Data Breach And How to Prevent One

What is a Ransomware Attack?

| Todd Kovalsky | | Leave a Comment
Million-dollar ransomware payouts, government protection, and ease of access will continue to fuel the growth of cybercrime. Imagine coming to work and turning on the computer only to see a message that says “repairing file system on C:” or “oops, your important files are encrypted” demanding a payment in bitcoin to decrypt them. A typical message displayed during a Ransomware attack When you read the headlines of six-figure ransomware payouts, you might begin to wonder how hacker g…

What is SMBv1 and Why You Should Disable it

| Kevin Joyce | | Leave a Comment
Eternally Affected What is SMB? Server Message Block (SMB) is a protocol used primarily for sharing files, printer services, and communication between computers on a network. The history of SMB is long, so I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. SMBv1 Back in the 1980s and 1990s IBM and Microsoft were working on implementations of SMB to improve and build upon the protocol. Microsoft actually pushed to rename SMB to Common Internet File System (CIFS) and added a bunch of…
An Oracle DBA's Guide to Microsoft SQL Server Security

An Oracle DBA’s Guide to Microsoft SQL Server Security

| Sujith Kumar | | Leave a Comment
In today’s world, it is quite common for companies to use more than one type of relational database platform to host enterprise applications.  If you are an old-time Oracle DBA like me and are asked to administer Microsoft SQL Servers in addition to Oracle databases, the task can be pretty daunting from a SQL Server security perspective.  In this blog, I will try to explain the differences and similarities between the Oracle and SQL Server security models.  The difference in security mode…

What is Kerberos Delegation? An Overview of Kerberos Delegation

| Kevin Joyce | | Leave a Comment
Kerberos Delegation and Usage Kerberos delegation has been around for a long time (Windows Server 2000 to be exact), but more often than not, when speaking to engineers who manage or work with Active Directory, they’re not familiar with all the various implementations of Kerberos delegation, their uses, and some ways they can be abused. What I find funny, is that most people confuse Kerberos delegation with delegated permissions. The practical usage of Kerberos delegation is to enable a…




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