Fine-grained rollback and recovery for Active Directory.

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    Malicious or Accidental changes to AD represent a significant security and performance risk

    As the primary authentication service in 90% of organizations worldwide, the health and operational integrity of Active Directory has a direct impact on the overall security of your organization. The capability to rollback and recover from changes to your Active Directory infrastructure, whether accidental or malicious, is an important and often overlooked aspect of your ability to maintain the security and performance of your network.

    StealthRECOVER for Active Directory delivers…

    AD Snapshots

    Take periodic snapshots to capture all attributes of AD objects.

    AD Object and attribute rollback

    Revert entire AD objects or just a single attribute to any previous state.

    DNS rollback and recovery

    Restore DNS records to any snapshot state.

    Advanced Search

    Search for detailed information on any object or attribute with a full historical timeline of all changes.

    Permissions Change Tracking and Rollback

    Track Access Control List changes to objects and rollback any unintended or malicious actions.

    Role Based Access Control

    Limit the type and functions that StealthRECOVER users can perform through templated RBAC features.

    Administrative Convenience

    Perform backup and recovery tasks from PowerShell or ADUC to save time.

    Email Notifications

    Admins are automatically alerted if a backup fails.

    Console Security

    Admins can restrict console access to defined IP ranges, specific ports, and only over HTTPS.

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    Rollback malicious or unwanted changes with a single click

    StealthRECOVER periodically captures the state of all AD objects, Group Policy Objects and DNS records providing a complete record of all changes. When a rollback to a previous state is needed, full-text search functionality makes finding and restoring the exact information quick and easy.

    See the market’s most comprehensive AD rollback and recovery platform in action.

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