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Data Security vs Data Privacy

| Farrah Gamboa | | Leave a Comment
Data is quite possibly the most critical asset within any organization and is at the heart of most, if not all, cyberattacks. Organizations struggle to implement the appropriate processes to ensure data is being protected from both internal and external threats. When talking about protecting data, Data Security and Data Privacy go hand in hand. In order to ensure data privacy, the appropriate data security controls need to be in place. It’s important to understand the difference between these…

Back to “The Basics” Blog Series

Webinar Preview: Back to “The Basics” – Pragmatic advice from Gavin Ashton, author of “Maersk, me, & notPetya” Part 1 – Ransomware The origins of modern ransomware trace back all the way to the AIDS trojan of 1989. Its use of simple symmetric cryptography and gentle extortion of $189 seems almost infantile compared to the techniques used and extortions of today. In the midst of a global pandemic, ransomware has been on the rise – economically motivated actors would never m…

A History of Passwords

| Troy Hunt | | Leave a Comment
The following blog post was created using an excerpt from the Stealthbits Technologies/emt Distribution presentation “Prioritizing Password Security with Troy Hunt: The Good, the Bad, and the Ineffective”. Please see here to view the complete presentation. Let’s talk about passwords. In particular, let’s talk about where we’ve come from, where we are at the moment, and where things are going in the future. The history lesson of passwords is enormously important because it help…

How to Hide API Keys, Credentials, & Authentication Tokens on GitHub

| Dan Piazza | | Leave a Comment
With the rise of open-source, more and more public repositories are being hosted on GitHub. In fact, back in 2018 GitHub celebrated 100 million live repositories, and things have only been growing from there. However, with easy access to version control and open source, it’s important to make sure sensitive credentials and authentication tokens aren’t exposed to the public.  Exposed Credentials  Let’s say I’m writing an ap…

What is Data Lifecycle Management?

Data Lifecycle Management Definition Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) can be defined as the different stages that the data traverses throughout its life from the time of inception to destruction. Data lifecycle stages encompass creation, utilization, sharing, storage, and deletion.  Each stage of the data life cycle is controlled through a different set of policies that control data protection, resiliency, and regulatory compliance. Data Lifecycle Management Stages Companies rely…

What is the SigRed vulnerability in Windows DNS Server?

| Joe Dibley | | Leave a Comment
What is it? SigRed, CVE-2020-1350, is a remote code execution vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows DNS server that was publicly disclosed on July 14, 2020, by Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point.   When a DNS server receives a query for a domain it isn’t responsible (authoritative) for it asks a DNS server further up the hierarchy which DNS server is, and then queries that DNS server for the record. The vulnerability exists in how the Windows DNS server parses t…

A Guide to California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance in 2020

| Dan Piazza | | Leave a Comment
The California Consumer Privacy Act was signed into law in 2018 and went into effect on January 1st, 2020. With the EU’s GDPR paving the way, CCPA has a significant impact on how enterprises manage security and compliance for user data, as well as how data breaches are handled.  Simply put, the CCPA gives residents of the state of California greater control over their personal data, requiring companies to be more transparent&…

What Are Group Managed Service Accounts (GMSA)?

High Level Overview of GMSAs Group Managed Service Accounts Overview Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) were introduced in Windows Server 2016 and can be leveraged on Windows Server 2012 and above. gMSAs offer a more secure way to run automated tasks, services, and applications. How are gMSAs more secure you ask? Well, their passwords are completely handled by Windows. gMSA passwords are randomly generated, automatically rotated, and not required to be known by any user. The service …

The Importance of Updating Your Breach Password Dictionary

| Damon Tepe | | Leave a Comment
With breaches and cyber-attacks continually increasing every year, a constant stream of compromised passwords finds their way to the dark web for purchase and use. This should NOT be a surprise. 80% of breaches involved stolen or misused credentials1. And this makes sense … why use advanced attack techniques when stealing credentials and assuming user identities is easier, less detectable, and still works? Stealthbits leverages the “Have I Been Pwned” breach password dictionary within Stea…

Windows Remote WMI Security Primer for the Faint-Hearted

StealthAUDIT, a best in its class Data Access Governance (DAG) tool utilizes Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) extensively to gather various pieces of information from the targeted Windows servers.  While local WMI querying is straightforward to implement and troubleshoot, remote WMI querying is another story.  Setting up remote WMI query security is a pretty daunting task if you are not willing to use an account that is either part of the Domain Administrators group or Local Administr…




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