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Active Directory (AD) quite literally holds the keys to the kingdom. If compromised, the security of everything connected to it is compromised as well.

Stealthbits believes AD is secure and efficient when it’s clean, understood, configured properly, monitored closely, and controlled tightly. Our industry-leading suite of Active Directory security and management solutions enables organizations to effectively manage and secure Active Directory at the levels required to mitigate the risks of advanced attacks, compliance failure, and operational outage.

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    Why is Active Directory in the Crosshairs?

    While most organizations focus on analyzing and controlling access to the data and resources Active Directory is facilitating access to, they often lack visibility into the security of AD itself and the myriad of tactics, techniques, and procedures attackers have developed to compromise this beating heart of any organization’s IT infrastructure. For attackers, AD is in the crosshairs because it is the path of least resistance to virtually everything of consequence.

    With 40% increases annually in data breaches and average beach remediation costs exceeding $8 Million in the US, the security of Active Directory (AD) has never been more important. Constantly under attack and more complex than ever to manage, it is critical that organizations have the right tools and visibility to efficiently manage and effectively secure AD.

    Stealthbits’ Active Directory Security and Management Solution

    Active Directory is secure and efficient when it’s clean, understood, configured properly, monitored closely, and controlled tightly.

    Stealthbits’ Active Directory Security and Management solution provides the insight, automation, and controls needed to produce a secure, compliant, highly-organized and structured Active Directory.


    Inventory all objects, policies, & configurations to obtain a complete view of your AD footprint.


    Analyze relationships between objects, permissions, access rights, and toxic conditions to prioritize risks and remediation efforts.


    Clean up stale and unneeded objects to limit risk and unnecessary exposure while alleviating administrative burden.


    Monitor changes to critical objects signifying attacker attempts to compromise credentials and circumvent security controls in order to achieve persistence.


    Protect critical objects from unauthorized change or access, remediate vulnerabilities, prevent credential abuse & privilege escalation.

    “As previously alluded to, these cases begin with a phish, featuring an attachment whose mission in its malware life is to steal credentials. If you have legit creds, it doesn’t take a very long time to unlock the door, walk in and help yourself to what’s in the fridge.”


    Active Directory Security & Management Products

    Stealthbits suite of solutions for Active Directory enable organizations to inventory and clean-up AD, audit permissions and govern access, rollback and recover from unwanted or malicious changes, enforce security, operational, and password policies, and detect and respond to threats in real-time. Our solutions effectively harden AD from both insider and external threats.


    Deep Analysis Uncovers Risks and Threats

    Inventory, analyze, and report on Active Directory structure, objects, permissions, and more.


    Instant Insight into Suspicious Activity

    Detect and respond to abnormal behavior and advanced attacks with speed and accuracy.


    Get Back to Normal Quickly

    Easily rollback and recover from accidental or malicious changes in seconds.


    Enforce Security & Operational Policies

    Prevent modifications, access, and passwords beyond native controls to align with organizational policies.

    Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager®

    Manage and Reduce Privileged Accounts

    Enable secure task-based access and delegated administration delivered just-in-time and with just-enough privilege.

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