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Nate is a Web Marketing Manager at Stealthbits and has worked in the IT Security industry for over 7 years.

What is a Data Breach and How to Prevent One

Data breach. There are fewer times that two simple words invoke so many fearful thoughts in the mind of a C-level executive. How did it happen? What was taken? What are we going to do? Who was responsible? There are many routes an organization may explore in terms of breach mitigation, but let us start […]

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

It’s that time of the year again! As we roll into 2020 we’re proud to present our 4th edition of “STEALTHbits’ Experts Cybersecurity Predictions.” We asked eight of our top industry voices here at STEALTHbits their thoughts on what’s to come in the world of cybersecurity in the next 365 days! Read on and come […]

Are Weak Passwords Putting You At Risk?

Credentials and data: two common denominators that are present in almost every breach scenario. Unfortunately for all of us, attackers are well aware that you can’t have one without the other. Getting to the mother lode is simple, really. Step 1: Crack the password. Step 2: Obtain credentials. And that’s why an organization’s password requirements […]

EU GDPR: Paving the Way for New Privacy Laws?

The May 25th EU GDPR deadline might have been less than 2 months ago, but it’s clear that the ripples from the groundbreaking act have already begun to make their way “across the pond” into the United States. This was evident just last month when The Golden State unveiled their “California Consumer Privacy Act” which sets […]

Amazon Echoes, Fitbits, and Fuzzy Handcuffs – Another Reflection on the Internet of Things

I’m Going to Start This Blog out With a Story The other weekend my roommate and I had some company over to our apartment. It was like any other Friday night – friends chatting, music playing, and a few adult beverages being passed around. However, as we were leaving to go out to the bars, […]

5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2017

It’s December, the holidays are upon us, and it’s that time of the year for the proverbial “2017 predictions” blog. Not to be left out of all the fun, we went around to a few of our resident industry experts here at Stealthbits to get their opinions of what trends will emerge in the New […]

Has My Information Been Compromised? Probably!

It’s your worst fears come true. You try to log onto your LinkedIn account. Maybe it’s Tumblr or even your Dropbox profile. Perhaps you’ve been thawed out after being cryogenically frozen for the last 10 years and attempt to access a new, Tom-less Myspace. But all of them return an error. Your password has been […]

Political Hacks (The Cyber Kind): Colin Powell and the DNC

In politics, information is power. Just one small comment or suggestion from a candidate or figure held in high esteem can potentially sway entire elections. Politicians also hold access to a treasure trove of sensitive information, not intended for the masses. That’s why Hillary Clinton’s private server fiasco is such a big deal in the […]

Delta Airlines, Stuxnet, and the Internet of Things

We live in a very connected world, and it’s only becoming more connected. Every day I see more and more commercials etching us further toward the “home of the future.” Not long ago would it have been unthinkable to see commercials for a Wi-fi enabled refrigerator complete with a massive touch screen (presented by America’s […]

Hacking America’s Pastime

All it took was one recycled password. If you haven’t heard the news yet, former executive for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team Christopher Correa has officially been sentenced to 46 months in prison for hacking. This victim in this case? (Former) Rival team the Houston Astros and their internal database/communications hub aptly named “Ground Control.” […]

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