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StealthINTERCEPT – “SIEM”-ply the Best

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Doritos Locos

It’s not every day you can take two things that are independently great and combine them to create something truly extraordinary. Although examples of this momentous event through history range, from a simple cellphone being given the power of a small computer, to the monumental revelation of combining a nacho cheese Dorito chip with a hard-shell taco – we have been shown that this is a rarity, with only few exceptions being able to achieve the accomplishment.

And now, STEALTHbits proudly joins the ranks. We are happy to share that StealthINTERCEPT now has the ability to be integrated with any existing SIEM solution that your company is currently leveraging

Why is this something to be excited about? Well, although your current SIEM solution may be more than capable of monitoring IT environment events on a general scale, the fact of the matter is, the solutions to the biggest problems almost always lay within the small details. And that is what StealthINTERCEPT brings to the table – access to detailed, authoritative Active Directory and Exchange change and access event records without any reliance on native logging; as well as the ability to prevent any change or access event from occurring in the first place – all in real-time.

By utilizing one of our INTERCEPT solutions in conjunction with the SIEM tool that you are currently running, the quality level of data provided will become exponentially more detailed and refined; all while helping to reduce the amount of information your application consumes. The result of this is enhanced identification of the source of malicious activities within your environment as well as the ability to fix issues quickly – before larger problems form leading to costly down-time. In turn, operations are able to run smoothly and organizational cost savings are realized through this rapid remediation.

So, although it may not be as groundbreaking as the Flask Tie, we still think that StealthINTERCEPT integration with SIEM is pretty cool. And if you do too, we would love to hear from you so we can tell you more about it.

To view StealthINTERCEPT, click here

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