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Dan is a Presales Engineer at Stealthbits - Now part of Netwrix. Prior to moving over to Presales, Dan worked as a Technical Product Manager.

ProTip: Utilizing the New Active Directory Activity Reporting in StealthAUDIT 9.0

The recent release of StealthAUDIT 9.0 brings a lot of new features and exciting improvements.  Among them, include enhancements and capabilities aligning to our Active Directory (AD) & Azure, Box, Dropbox, Exchange, File Systems, SharePoint, and Windows modules. We even introduced a new module for Oracle database auditing and compliance reporting which is very exciting […]

ProTip: LDAP Reconnaissance

The start of Active Directory attacks, like LDAP Reconnaissance, involves finding vulnerabilities on a network and grabbing “intel” about sensitive accounts like Domain, Enterprise, and Schema Admins. After an attacker initially compromises a system on a network, they will pretty much have no privileges in the domain. This leaves an attacker hungry for more, and […]

ProTip – Utilizing Stealthbits to Move Away from Relying on Native File System Logging

If you have been following our 4 part blog series, “Challenges with Relying on Native File System Logging” you have seen some of the many challenges of auditing and collecting file activity natively. The blog series is also going to be followed by an awesome webinar. If you haven’t seen any of the blog posts […]

ProTip – Active Directory Advanced Threat Analytics and Response

Stealthbits Technologies’ most recent release, StealthDEFEND 2.0, brings with it a whole new suite of advanced threat analytics inside of Active Directory (AD). If you are already a user of StealthDEFEND, you are already aware of the great response and analytics it provides for file system monitoring by leveraging machine learning and user behavior analytics. […]

ProTip – Adding Real-Time Analytics to GDPR

We recently released our “5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2019” covering a few of our technical experts’ opinions here at STEALTHbits. One trend is specifically around GDPR fines causing organizations to finally get serious about GDPR compliance this year. In this edition of our ProTip, I will walk you through how you can add in StealthAUDIT’s […]

ProTip – Enterprise Password Enforcer Complex Policies

StealthINTERCEPT Enterprise Password Enforcer Safeguards from Authentication-Based Attacks Using a curated dictionary of known compromised passwords and dozens of password filters, StealthINTERCEPT Enterprise Password Enforcer (EPE) safeguards your organization from authentication-based attacks. This is accomplished by proactively preventing these weak and compromised passwords from being used – regardless of whether or not they meet complexity […]

ProTip – Gain Visibility into How Users Access Unstructured Data

Gain Visibility – How are Users Accessing Your Unstructured Data? Recently, STEALTHbits Technologies partnered with the Ponemon Institute to create a report on “The 2018 Study on the State of Data Access Governance”. The report highlighted and outlined the current state of Data Access Governance (DAG) in organizations, as well as the effect that it […]

ProTip: Make Use of the New Features in Stealthbits Activity Monitor 3.0

The release of the highly anticipated Stealthbits Activity Monitor 3.0 brings some new and innovate features and functionality, which users will appreciate. The addition of SharePoint activity support will instantly add value to existing SharePoint solutions through the receiving of activity information in StealthAUDIT reports along with the ability to send real-time SharePoint events over […]

ProTip: How to Utilize the New Investigate Feature in StealthDEFEND 1.1

The latest release of StealthDEFEND 1.1 brings us a new highly anticipated feature, Investigations. This brings a new custom experience to the threats and alerts you see in the product by allowing you to define your own threats by specifying the: who, what, where, and when. By navigating to the “Investigate” page in the menu, you […]



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