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ProTip – Gain Visibility into How Users Access Unstructured Data

Blog >ProTip – Gain Visibility into How Users Access Unstructured Data
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Gain Visibility – How are Users Accessing Your Unstructured Data?

Recently, STEALTHbits Technologies partnered with the Ponemon Institute to create a report on “The 2018 Study on the State of Data Access Governance”. The report highlighted and outlined the current state of Data Access Governance (DAG) in organizations, as well as the effect that it could have to reduce risk of exposure of confidential data. The findings are very interesting and I personally suggest you give it a read to compare how your organization lines up against their research.

To start, Ponemon states that “Organizations lack visibility into how users are accessing unstructured data” and “they also don’t know for certain the end users accessing the sensitive unstructured data”. Most organizations we talk to are also experiencing this exact scenario and need help achieving a least privilege access model. For those of you currently leveraging STEALTHbits, you may be using our solutions to do this today and for those of you not yet leveraging STEALTHbits solutions, this Protip shares how we can assist with granting you visibility into how users are accessing your unstructured data.

StealthAUDIT Provides the Visibility Your Organization Needs

StealthAUDIT is our flagship platform that has many capabilities for governance around Active Directory, File Systems, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL, just to name a few. For the purpose of this ProTip, we will focus on what Ponemon shared and demonstrate how StealthAUDIT provides the visibility you need.

Organizations that deploy StealthAUDIT start with understanding where high-risk permissions and open access are currently applied throughout their environment. StealthAUDIT allows you to see reporting through a dashboard that displays problem areas and high-risk assignments allowing for cleanup. Additional visibility into ‘effective access’ allows you to learn how specific individuals were able to gain privileged access through STEALTHbits’ Access Information Center.

Access Information Center, Visibility, Least Privileged Access, Data Governance

StealthAUDIT, visibility, privileged access, user access, user access reporting

While coupling all those access and permission reports with our activity and content scanning, it alleviates the struggle of gaining visibility into your unstructured data. StealthAUDIT scans your environment and assesses where your sensitive content resides. The enterprise scan (shown below) displays a high-level summary of where your sensitive data resides, and the Access Information Center helps track changes and activity. Using these two pieces alone, your organization can gain higher visibility and a full audit trail of changes and activity within your environment, helping to achieve compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, etc.

unstructured data, visibility into unstructured data, data access, data storage

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sensitive data, sensitive data access, sensitive data visibility, sensitive data reporting, StealthAUDIT


Take Action with StealthDEFEND Playbooks

The Ponemon Report also shows that organizations’ confidence in safeguarding their unstructured data is low. While utilizing StealthAUDIT for reporting and activity, organizations can also choose to deploy our machine learning and UEBA product, StealthDEFEND. This product snaps right into our Data Access Governance solution and provides real-time analytics for abnormal behavior and inappropriate access. It even has built-in threat response playbooks so your organization can take action!

abnormal user activity, user activity, user reporting, activity reporting, activity visibility,

As you can see, STEALTHbits can really help your organization achieve full visibility into your unstructured data and inappropriate behavior. If you are now itching to try STEALTHbits’ Solutions for yourself, fill out this form or contact to set up a full demo of the product to learn how we can help!

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