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ProTip – Adding Real-Time Analytics to GDPR

Blog >ProTip – Adding Real-Time Analytics to GDPR
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We recently released our “5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2019” covering a few of our technical experts’ opinions here at STEALTHbits. One trend is specifically around GDPR fines causing organizations to finally get serious about GDPR compliance this year. In this edition of our ProTip, I will walk you through how you can add in StealthAUDIT’s real-time analytics to Active Directory and File System data to enable reporting for these regulations.

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Our Vice President of Product Strategy, Ryan Tully, shed some light on GDPR regulations sharing, “The old wait and see approach to privacy regulations is almost guaranteed to be a losing approach.” StealthAUDIT can automate report generation, publication and distribution for the discovery of GDPR related items. More specifically, StealthAUDIT can maintain a full, searchable audit trail of all file access activities, Active Directory changes, account authentication and more for forensic investigations and auditors. But what about detecting abnormal behavior, suspicious activities and attempts to compromise account or data security in real-time? That’s where StealthDEFEND comes in. 

StealthDEFEND, our machine learning and user behavior analytics solution, can add in real-time alerts and threats on top of the great reporting and querying of GDPR information that you already have access to if you own StealthAUDIT for File Systems and Sensitive Data Discovery. DEFEND integrates directly with StealthAUDIT to ingest all sensitive data discovery locations and items, which makes the product a true purpose-built machine learning platform.

What a lot of our customers have been doing is rolling out DEFEND to look at abnormal file system behavior in general with it’s out of the box threats reporting covering Ransomware, High-Risk Permission Changes, Abnormal File System Behavior and more. But what is even cooler about the product is that you can customize your own threats/alerts that relate to your GDPR information. By building out these custom threats, you now have alerting setup around any operation, location, or perpetrator in real-time.

Creating your own threat is really simple using our investigation builder inside of StealthDEFEND and you can create your own alerts by setting it as a threat. Some of our customers are even sending real-time events and threats by integrating these platforms with their SIEM solutions as well. Who wouldn’t want some real-time insight into their sensitive information on top of that great reporting you are getting with StealthAUDIT? Not to mention, you can have StealthDEFEND in the same login interface as your reports! How easy is that?!

For more information around essential steps to EU GDPR read our 5 part blog series:

To learn more about StealthDEFEND, and real-time alerting, visit our product page:

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