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5 Questions About Stealthbits’ New Active Directory Solution (Leak)

Blog >5 Questions About Stealthbits’ New Active Directory Solution (Leak)

We keep our eyes and ears peeled on your behalf here at Stealthbits Headquarters, and we recently overheard some really cool news about an Active Directory project that’s under way (and under wraps). We convinced Adam Laub, VP of Marketing, to sit down with us for just 5 questions about this mystery solution.

Daria: Word on the street has it that there’s something called “Interceptor” technology that’s coming. What is it?

Adam: How do you guys hear about these things?! I can’t say much at this point, but I can tell you that StealthINTERCEPT is a hot new technology that will allow our customers to lock-down Active Directory from unauthorized changes, and to get real-time notifications.

Daria: What business benefits can users expect?

Adam: This is part of our larger data governance initiative, which helps our customers take back control of their unstructured data. Active Directory is a key and often overlooked piece of the puzzle. If you’re not securing AD, then all you’re leaving a door wide open.

Daria: So when can we expect to see this?

Adam: Soon! We have test sites running it already. You’ll have to stay tuned for details.

Daria: Is this part of an upgrade to the StealthAUDIT Management Platform?

Adam: Yes and No. StealthINTERCEPT technology is new and stands on its own, but also integrates with the StealthAUDIT Management Platform.

Daria: Do you guys practice these vague answers?

Adam: Absolutely.

Daria: So how is this real-time technology going to work?

Adam: Sorry, that’s five questions! We’re certainly intrigued. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this blog and in our monthly newsletter as this develops, so stay tuned. This is gonna be big.

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