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Top Five Ways You End Up With Open Shares: Part 2

In the first post of this series, we explored two ways you can end up with dangerous open shares. Open shares are essentially folders that everyone in your company can access. Sharing what is in those folders isn’t a threat by itself, but securing those documents can be tough. In this post, we’ll discuss three […]

Top Five Ways You End Up With Open Shares: Part 1

Open shares are evil. Sure, there are cases you may need a read-only share open to everyone in the organization. How else will they grab benefits forms or company calendars to print and hang in their cubes? But it’s amazing how often those simple use cases grow into ugly messes. All it takes is one […]

Pragmatic Data Security Best Practices: Part 2

The last post, we started discussing the importance of protecting Active Directory and your unstructured data. Today, we’ll continue our discussion with the next three data security best practices to ensure the security of your data. Pragmatic Data Security Best Practice #2: Monitor Activity Monitoring activity is an essential capability, but be careful not to […]

Pragmatic Data Security Best Practices: Part 1

Data security is a major issue for any company that has valuable information to protect. Breaches of that data can cost an organization dearly in the form of business disruption, loss of revenue, fines, lawsuits, and perhaps worst of all, the loss of trust between the organization and its customers and partners. But the challenge […]

Five Challenges with Monitoring Active Directory Security Using Event Logs: Part 5

Now that we understand how monitoring authentication patterns and authentication-based attacks can lead to an overwhelming amount of data which prevents any meaningful analysis, we can focus on our fifth, and final challenge of monitoring critical systems. Challenge 5 – Permission Changes and Object Changes Some of the most important changes to monitor within Active […]

15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring: Part 3

Today, we continue our discussion on real-life use cases for STEALTHbits file activity monitoring solutions. The cases outlined in the previous blog post provided examples of malicious access by internal users, administrators, and external bad actors. Case 11: Stale File Clean-Up Knowing which files are being actively accessed helps identify stale data for removal from […]

15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring: Part 2

If you read part 1 in this series, you caught a glimpse of how STEALTHbits file activity monitoring solutions help solve critical change and access issues without the use of native logs. Today we’ll delve deeper into the explanation of these solutions and reveal five more real-life cases where you could use our file activity […]

15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring: Part 1

For many organizations, monitoring file activity is challenging due to the configuration complexity and performance concerns associated with native auditing. As a result, administrators do not have a way to answer some of their most critical questions. In this three-part blog series, we’ll discuss 15 real-life use cases where STEALTHbits file activity monitoring solutions can […]

How to Secure SharePoint

SharePoint continues to remain one of the most popular content collaboration platforms (CCP) at the enterprise-level, continuing to grow in adoption year over year. This adoption shows not only growth in the expected area of SharePoint Online, but continued expansion in SharePoint On-Premises as well. As SharePoint continues to grow, one of the largest areas […]

5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2019

As we kick off 2019, we are excited to bring you our 3rd Annual “STEALTHbits’ Experts Predictions”. This has been such a crowd pleaser that we just had to keep it going! Like the last few years, we made our way around the office with left over holiday cookie bribes to get the voice of […]



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