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Why StealthAUDIT?

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I’m frequently asked why I think StealthAUDIT provides a better alternative to some other product on the market. The answer often comes down to the same core differentiators:

StealthAUDIT takes a very different approach to other solutions on the market. While other products attempt to anticipate what reports you might need and package only those into a product set, the StealthAUDIT platform enables a flexible approach to answer virtually ANY question you have today or in the future.

The SMP includes hundreds of out-of-the-box reports based on a decade of experience working with organizations of all sizes. And it includes browse-able interfaces such as the Access Information Center (AIC) which provide easy answers to the top questions of Who has access and How they got access. But it’s also extremely extensible so you can accommodate custom reporting and analysis scenarios such as correlating data across multiple systems and identifying anomalies that exist outside of your unique security policies.

No other solution on the market can match the SMPs scalability and performance across large scale environments. Our 30+ data collectors enable the use of best-fit technology which is usually agent-less while at the same time extremely efficient. Recent improvements that enable scheduling “run windows” and improved performance of our Active Directory data collection further separate SMP from the pack in terms of scalable, efficient data collection.

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