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NEW PRODUCT UPDATE: File Activity Monitoring – À la carte

Blog >NEW PRODUCT UPDATE: File Activity Monitoring – À la carte

Got some exciting news from STEALTHbits’ Product Management team last week about our new Data Activity Tracking product line, which offers customers the ability to monitor file access events on their Windows and NAS devices, including recently added support for EMC Isilon devices.

I asked them, “Why is this being treated as a new product? We’ve been offering this capability within our Data Access Governance solution for years.” Their answer was, “Because now we can offer it as a standalone product, no longer requiring StealthAUDIT in order to demonstrate value. That provides customers with a simple, easy way to monitor file activity and integrate the data with their SIEM/SIM products through Syslog. That means customers who have invested in SIEM can quickly add file system access events to the information they are already collecting, adding invaluable context to help determine risks, and efficiently respond to threats.”

That’s pretty cool.

It’s not surprising that we did this though. We have incredible technology in our file monitoring solutions. One of our customers is collecting more than 150 million activity events per day! This product works, and now it is even simpler to acquire because it can be purchased and installed as a standalone product to integrate with SIEM.

Interested in more? By adding StealthAUDIT and our Data Access Governance Suite to the mix, customers can now overlay permissions and access data on top of the activity, solving critical problems around security. That’s because the same data feeds right into our StealthAUDIT reports and the Access Information Center. This provides compelling information to Security, Operations, and IAM/Governance folks.

Read this data sheet or visit the Data Activity Tracking page for more info. Want to give it a whirl? Request a Free Trial now.

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