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Announcing StealthAUDIT 10.0 – Mitigating Security Risks On-Premises and in the Cloud

Blog >Announcing StealthAUDIT 10.0 – Mitigating Security Risks On-Premises and in the Cloud
Announcing StealthAUDIT 10.0 Mitigating Security Risks On-Premises and in the Cloud

Let’s face it – security professionals struggle to keep up with and defend their organizations against the wide variety of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) attackers can use to infiltrate networks, elude detection, compromise credentials, and escalate privileges on their way to compromising enterprise data. Correspondingly, there is an ever-increasing number of storage platforms and repositories available to house the data security professionals need to protect, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Only amplified by recent worldwide events, we feel it’s not just important, but essential for technology providers like us to do the heavy lifting for security professionals like you that have too much on their plates to begin with and little time to spare. In StealthAUDIT 10.0, we put the focus on providing users the visibility needed into the threats they didn’t know existed and the repositories they had limited visibility into before.

This latest release of StealthAUDIT is our most impressive yet, and we’re excited for you to get your hands (and eyes, as you’ll see) on it!:

StealthAUDIT 10.0 Release Highlights:

Shadow Access Rights Illuminate Attack Paths

At the top of the list for StealthAUDIT 10.0’s enhancements is the addition of Shadow Access Rights analysis, enabling security staff to proactively and explicitly identify attack paths bad actors can take to move laterally, escalate privileges, compromise entire domains, and gain access to sensitive data. Knowing is half the battle.

Active Directory Permissions Analyzer – Shadow Access Analysis
Figure 1 – Active Directory Permissions Analyzer – Shadow Access Analysis

The fact of the matter is, while some risks are simple to identify, others lurk beneath the surface and exist due to the right – albeit toxic – combination of permissions and conditions. The correlation of highly detailed and comprehensive views into object-level permissions, as well as environmental conditions such as the location of sensitive information and open administrative sessions across desktop and server infrastructure, allow for visualization of real and viable attack paths. Understanding how bad actors look to exploit these potential attack paths, helps simplify the remediation of these otherwise hidden risks.

AWS S3 and Azure SQL Database Support

We have expanded support for two of the cloud’s most widely-used object storage and database platforms with solutions for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Azure SQL. The goal is to protect data wherever it resides, structured or unstructured; cloud or on-premises. Amazon S3 and Azure SQL are among the most popular destinations for organizations to store data in the cloud, serving the needs of thousands of enterprises globally. With the launch of StealthAUDIT 10.0, Stealthbits now provides even more comprehensive platform support, serving up an aggregated, normalized, single pane of glass view of user access, activity, and sensitive data across an organization’s entire data landscape.

StealthAUDIT for AWS – AWS Open Buckets Report
Figure 2 – StealthAUDIT for AWS – AWS Open Buckets Report

Structured Data Security Assessment

Databases serve critical functions within businesses of all sizes, as well as house some of the most sensitive information within an enterprise. Much like the applications most databases support, databases are vulnerable to compromise via multiple vectors, including the application layer, the operating system layer, and the database technology itself. Understanding and proactively identifying risks at each of these layers is imperative to protecting the sensitive data bad actors seek to locate and exfiltrate from an organization. New structured data security assessment reports within StealthAUDIT 10.0 highlight the scope of the audited environment and categorize High, Medium, and Low Severity findings in an easy to use and view report. Security professionals can quickly prioritize vulnerabilities to be remediated, saving time and ensuring holistic database security regardless of location.

StealthAUDIT for Databases – Oracle Security Assessment
Figure 3 – StealthAUDIT for Databases – Oracle Security Assessment

Improved and Enhanced User Experience

One of the more noticeable enhancements in StealthAUDIT 10.0 is an overhaul of the product’s web reporting, governance, and console interfaces in an effort to provide greater ease-of-use and a more modern aesthetic. While these interfaces look fresh and new, they will still be instantly familiar to users, eliminating any learning curve that can accompany these kinds of enhancements. This redesign also brings the added benefit of a consistent look and feel across all web-based interfaces within Stealthbits’ portfolio, which multi-product users will enjoy and appreciate as they navigate across products.

StealthAUDIT 10.0 Report Dashboard
Figure 4 – StealthAUDIT 10.0 Report Dashboard
StealthAUDIT 10.0 Access Information Center
Figure 5 – StealthAUDIT 10.0 Access Information Center

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the key enhancements described above, StealthAUDIT 10.0 also delivers the following:

  • SharePoint
    • New Activity Reports – The SharePoint Solution now includes out of the box reporting on activity events occurring within targeted SharePoint farms
  • File Systems
    • File System Parallelism – The File System data collector has been updated to allow the utilization of multiple threads for a single target host which allows customers to improve the performance of their scans
  • Active Directory
    • Password Security Data Collector – A new Password Security Data Collector has been added to streamline and improve the weak passwords collection within StealthAUDIT
  • Active Directory Permissions Analyzer
    • DCShadow Permissions Report – A new report has been added to the Active Directory Permissions Analyzer Solution which identifies users that have the capability of executing a DCShadow attack
  • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure Active Directory Inventory Differential Scans – The Azure Active Directory Inventory data collector has been updated to be able to perform differential collections of Azure security principals
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Configuration Best Practices Reporting – A new report is available within the SQL Solution which performs a variety of configuration checks and provides a risk rating based on common compliance standards
  • Windows
    • Sessions Report – A new report has been added to the Windows Solution which identifies domain administrators that may have left credentials in memory on member servers

Do more with StealthAUDIT 10.0!

These new capabilities are just a small sample of the value Stealthbits can bring to your organization!

Want to learn more? Visit our StealthAUDIT webpage.

Want to see a demo? Fill out our demo request form. Want to get StealthAUDIT installed in your environment or do an evaluation in Stealthbits’ CloudLab? Contact us.

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