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3 Ways to Improve Your Security Posture by Extending IAM into Unstructured Data and PAM

Blog >3 Ways to Improve Your Security Posture by Extending IAM into Unstructured Data and PAM

Laying the Groundwork for a Success IAM Deployment

Implementing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is a complex undertaking that involves significant investment in time and resources. As a result, project leaders are laser-focused on extending IAM’s footprint to accomplish three goals:

  • Strengthen their security posture
  • Maximize technology value
  • Increase Return on Investment

With nearly 80% of Identity and Access Management deployments ending in failure, these goals are why organizations reach out to STEALTHbits to help them with their IAM solutions. First, we assist them Extend Identity and Access Management into Unstructured Data and Privileged Access Managementwith cleaning up their Active Directories so they have the right access model in place. Second, we help them extend Identity and Access Management beyond applications into unstructured data to achieve a 100% security footprint with only minimal investment.

Develop Your 3-pronged Cybersecurity Strategy: IAM, DAG, and PAM

For some years now, we’ve been working with partners to add a third piece: Privileged Access Management (PAM). As STEALTHbits Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jonathan Sander advises, “…a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy requires three prongs: IAM, DAG, and PAM.Forrester estimates that 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials so PAM is a critical third leg of your cybersecurity stool.

Our customers who have adopted a 3-pronged IAM, DAG, and PAM cybersecurity strategy with STEALTHbits and partners like Thycotic are seeing these benefits:

  1. IAM—their IAM has a more complete record of entitlements to govern access policies
  2. DAG—they can use IAM to control access to unstructured data in repositories
  3. PAM—their PAM receives more in-depth information on privileged identities

For example, STEALTHbits’ Active Directory Permissions Analyzer feeds PAM solutions insight on privileged identities three layers down: 1) root/admin, 2) security principals like domain admins and non-human accounts like application and service accounts, and 3) accounts with elevated rights or access to sensitive data that may be candidates for greater control. Our DAG solution can use a PAM vault, in turn, to securely check-out passwords for doing file scans and other analyses.

Joseph Carson Solve the Identity and Access Management blind spot with data access governance and privileged access managementTo learn more about the requirements you need for a successful 3-pronged IAM, DAG, and PAM cybersecurity strategy, please register for our webinar featuring Thycotic’s Chief Security Scientist Joseph Carson, CISSP and STEALTHbits’ CTO Jonathan Sander.

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