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Auditing, reporting, governance, and Privileged Access Management for Google Cloud’s Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory.

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    Microsoft Active Directory in Google Cloud​

    Google’s Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory provides a highly available, hardened Google Cloud service running actual Microsoft AD enabling customers to manage cloud-based AD-dependent workloads, automate AD server maintenance and security configurations, and connect on-premises AD domains to the cloud.

    In cooperation with Google Cloud, Stealthbits’ StealthAUDIT for Active Directory and Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager (SbPAM)have been designed to work with Google Cloud Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory implementations, offering a consistent security approach across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

    For Google Cloud Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory, Stealthbits delivers…

    Detailed Auditing

    Collect information on anything residing in AD, from objects and their attributes to Group Policy Objects (GPOs), configurations, group memberships, domains, sites, trusts, and more with StealthAUDIT.

    Robust Reporting

    Using StealthAUDIT, organizations can leverage dozens of preconfigured reports or create completely custom reports in seconds using powerful analysis and reporting engines.

    Automated Governance

    With StealthAUDIT, users can calculate and assign group ownership, perform automated membership reviews, and enable self-service group management and membership requests.

    AD Privilege Security

    Using SbPAM, organizations can grant temporary permissions for a specified time period and task, rather than allocating full Domain Admin or other administrative rights in perpetuity.

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