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AnyData for Salesforce Libraries

  • AnyData for Salesforce (Libraries) is a sensitive data scan extension for use within StealthAUDIT.

    After loading this module in StealthAUDIT, you’ll be able to scans files stored in Salesforce Libraries for sensitive data, including images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

    AnyData then aggregates sensitive data scan results into a view within the StealthAUDIT Access Information Center (AIC), which will show the library, folder, and file version hierarchy of the scanned Salesforce tenant, which files contain sensitive data, which sensitive data criteria were found, and, optionally, the specific sensitive strings of text that were found within each sensitive file.

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    AnyData for Salesforce (Libraries)


    • Automate download and scan of files in Salesforce Libraries for sensitive data.
    • Review discovered sensitive data results in a simple format, via Access Information Center (AIC) Resource Audit.
    • Create and automate the distribution of custom reports for compliance fulfillment.

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