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PowerBI Report Pack for File Systems

  • Power BI Report Packs for File Systems are available for as add-ons to StealthAUDIT reporting functionality. These report packs include the following key components:

    • Data Models – Allow end users to create their own custom reports and pages within PowerBI
    • Pages – Individual reports based off of the published data models
  • Documentation

    PowerBI Report Pack for File Systems “How-To” Guide


    • Available Data Models
      • Activity
      • Exceptions
      • Shares Traversal
      • Resources
      • Sensitive Data
    • Available Pages
      Visibility into:
      • Sensitive Data – Sensitive data identified within targeted file servers
      • Content – Storage utilization and file aging across targeted file servers, with conditions including Storage Size, Files by Last Modified, and Files by Last Accessed
      • Exceptions – File system exceptions across all targeted file servers, including Disabled Users, Open Resources, and Stale Users
      • Activity – All activity events that have occurred on targeted file servers within the past week

    Release Notes

    Version 1.0
    September 30, 2019

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