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Data is growing, access is sprawling, breach events are on the rise, and IT can’t keep up with the never-ending stream of access requests. Even if they could, would it really help secure the environment? Or, would it actually perpetuate the growth, the sprawl, and the prevalence of data breach?

Identity & Access Management (IAM) platforms have helped to alleviate the burden on IT when it comes to provisioning and managing access to an organization’s application resources by enabling non-technical, business users to easily grant and revoke access to the resources they own. However, IAM solutions have been unable to extend the same capabilities into the unstructured data components of an organization’s IT infrastructure (i.e. File Systems, SharePoint) primarily because they have no visibility into what Users and Groups have been granted access to, and the data is too difficult or distributed to understand.

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    Stealthbits Technologies’ Data Access Governance Connector for IAM enables organizations of any size to leverage the same workflow used for managing access to applications and extend it to unstructured data, allowing for fully-automated Access Governance controls over some of their most sensitive data assets.

    Stealthbits’ enterprise-class data scanning engine discovers unstructured data across an organization’s environment, creating a single, consolidated entitlement catalogue containing key information such as:

    • Who Owns The Data
    • Who Has Access?
    • How Access Has Been Granted

    Through direct integration with leading Identity & Access Management frameworks (IBM SIM, RSA/Aveksa, Microsoft FIM, and SailPoint) and home-grown systems, organizations can now provision, review, and revoke access to unstructured data.

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