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StealthDEFEND® for File Systems

Attackers want your sensitive data. StealthDEFEND for File Systems detects abnormal and nefarious behaviors occurring within the places your file data is stored, and responds instantaneously to contain and mitigate file system threats.

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    Detect File System Threats

    Files represent 80% of all data within any organization and can contain anything, including your most business-critical and sensitive information. Unfortunately, the native auditing and security controls organizations are forced to leverage to protect their files remain rudimentary and largely ineffective against modern attack vectors.

    Attackers and internal bad actors target file data for these very reasons, which is why advanced threats like Ransomware and successful extraction of data from corporate networks continue to plague enterprises of all sizes.

    Real-Time Insight

    StealthDEFEND eliminates the excessive and undifferentiated warnings produced by legacy tools reliant on native audit logging to surface truly meaningful trends and alerts on attempts to compromise your sensitive data, in real-time.

    With the ability to detect, alert, investigate and respond to advanced threats like Ransomware and abnormal or unauthorized file access activities, StealthDEFEND enables organizations to contain and mitigate file system threats with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

    File System Threat Models

    StealthDEFEND is purpose-built to detect and respond to both specific methodologies attackers are leveraging and the abnormal behaviors they exhibit when attempting to compromise file data, including:

    Ransomware Behavior
    Abnormal User Behavior
    Unusual Sensitive Data Access
    First-time Access
    Unusual Process Execution
    Suspicious Permission Changes
    Suspicious Encryption Activity
    Abnormal Denied Activity
    Data Exfiltration Attempts
    Configuration File Tampering
    Mass File Deletions
    Lateral Movement

    How It Works

    Monitor and stream optimized file access activity to StealthDEFEND.
    ML-driven analytics engine detects known patterns and outlier behavior associated with data compromise. Added sensitive data context appropriately adjusts risk rankings.
    Investigate identified threats in seconds, deliver alerts to the appropriate people and places, and automatically launch response actions that contain the threat and mitigate the damage that can be done.

    See the market’s most advanced threat detection and response platform for File System attacks in action.

    It only takes 30 minutes!

    Why StealthDEFEND?

    Simplified File System Threat Detection

    Advanced attacks against file data can be highly complicated, native audit logging is void of critical data needed to detect them. StealthDEFEND is designed to take the guesswork out of the equation.

    Superior Data Fidelity

    Data produced by native audit logging facilities is notoriously noisy, incomplete, and confusing. StealthDEFEND provides a consolidated, enriched stream of file activity data that produces the highest quality output.

    Reduced Time to Detection

    StealthDEFEND focuses on helping organizations reduce time to detection and containment resulting in lower cost should a breach occur.

    Increased Efficiency

    Built-in integration with the market’s leading SIEM solutions and other popular technologies such as ServiceNow, Slack, and Microsoft teams ensures threat data resides in the places you need and want it most.

    Attack Timeline

    StealthDEFEND makes it easy to visualize corresponding activities related to suspicious behavior through its attack timeline.

    Instant Awareness

    Truly real-time alerts are triggered instantly and can be delivered in a variety of ways, including email and integration with SIEM or other relevant technologies.

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