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StealthAUDIT® for Windows

Comprehensive Windows desktop and server auditing for security and compliance.

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    Windows Desktop & Server Auditing with StealthAUDIT

    Data breach begins at the system layer, which is why proactive assessment and remediation of the privileged access rights and critical security misconfigurations attackers exploit is among the most pragmatic ways to mitigate the risk of credential theft, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.

    With StealthAUDIT for Windows, organizations can quickly inventory, assess, and secure their Windows desktop and server infrastructure from a central location, without deploying a single agent.

    StealthAUDIT for Windows Delivers…

    Privileged Account Discovery & Governance

    Audit who has privileged access to each system, identify system owners, and govern system-level access rights through entitlement reviews.

    Windows Vulnerability Assessment

    Identify dozens of conditions and misconfigurations leveraged by attackers to compromise Windows systems, Active Directory, and ultimately your data.

    Baseline Configuration Analysis

    Baseline desired configuration to identify violations of Best Practices and enforce security and operational policies.

    Patch Compliance

    Quickly and efficiently assess system patch levels to determine where gaps and vulnerabilities exist, allowing for prioritization of efforts and expedited remediation.

    Windows Asset Inventory

    Demonstrate compliance with virtually any standard by automating the generation of compliance artifacts and establishing regular reviews of access rights and data.

    Preconfigured Reporting

    Hit the ground running with preconfigured reports focused on Mailboxes, Public Folders, and Distribution Lists, Permissions and Access, Sensitive Data, Mail flow and Remote Connections, and more.

    Workflow Composition

    Leverage the full power of StealthAUDIT to automate processes in their entirety, including Public Folder clean-up campaigns and integration with 3rd party solutions.

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    Audit Windows Desktop and Server Access and Configuration for Security and Compliance

    Desktop and server infrastructure are the backbone of any business. StealthAUDIT for Windows provides organizations with an auditing, reporting, and governance framework to assess the security, compliance, and configuration of all their Windows endpoints, expediting the remediation of vulnerabilities and creating efficiencies that alleviate otherwise tremendous administrative burden.

    See the market’s most comprehensive Windows Desktop and Server auditing, reporting, and governance platform in action.

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