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StealthAUDIT® for Databases – SQL Server and Azure SQL

Comprehensive Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL database auditing and monitoring for security and compliance.

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    SQL Server Database Auditing with StealthAUDIT

    Microsoft SQL Server often contains the most sensitive information within any organization and is a prime target for attackers. With the ease in which SQL database instances can spawn across the entire network, Database Administrators (DBAs) require proactive and surgical insight into their entire SQL database footprint in order to properly safeguard their sensitive information.

    StealthAUDIT for SQL allows organizations to automate the process of understanding where SQL databases exist, who has access to them, how they obtained access, who or what is leveraging their access privileges, where sensitive information resides, and how each database has been configured.

    For SQL Server and Azure SQL, StealthAUDIT Delivers…

    Instance Discovery

    Discover SQL Server instances that exist throughout your network environment by server or IP segment. Helps in preventing database sprawl.

    Permission Analysis

    Obtain bi-directional visibility into database permissions to understand who has access to a specific resource or what a specific user has access to.

    Direct Permission Reports

    Identify where direct permissions are applied which may be indicative of high-risk or otherwise toxic conditions (e.g. High-Risk Permissions, Empty Group Permissions, SQL Users, Stale User Permissions, Domain User Permissions).

    Sensitive Data Discovery

    Discover sensitive within table and column names, row values, and more. Additionally, tune sensitive data searches with modifiable controls that adjust confidence intervals and the criteria being searched for.

    User and Role Assignments

    Dissect database users and role assignments to understand administrative access rights, domain user access, server principals, and more.

    Configuration Assessment

    Verify configuration settings adhere to desired standards to ensure security, compliance, and operational integrity.

    Activity Auditing and Reporting

    Monitor every event within every database and instance, with specific views on events in databases containing sensitive information.

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Automatically identify “vulnerable” conditions like Public permissions, SQL authentication and xp_cmdshell enablement, and reused passwords.

    Security Assessment

    Summarize all the finding into High, Medium, No Finding categories for easier visualization of different conditions based on severity across all the SQL Instances in the enterprise.

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    Audit SQL Server Activity and Configuration for Automated Security & Compliance Reporting

    Who’s accessing sensitive data within your SQL databases? Which databases are configured incorrectly and exposed to vulnerabilities or exploits? StealthAUDIT for SQL makes short work of answering these important questions and saves you valuable time by automating security and compliance auditing, analysis, and reporting tasks.

    See the market’s most comprehensive SQL auditing, reporting, and governance platform in action.

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