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StealthAUDIT® for File Systems

Comprehensive File System auditing, monitoring, and governance for security and compliance.

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    File System Auditing with StealthAUDIT

    Every day, end users create files in the form of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and hundreds of other formats, and store them on Network File Shares. Managing and protecting this unstructured data presents one of the most significant data security challenges faced by organizations of every size.

    StealthAUDIT for File Systems allows organizations to secure this data, satisfying stringent compliance requirements and reducing their risk exposure by enabling complete and automated access governance controls over unstructured data residing in File Systems of all types, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

    StealthAUDIT for File Systems Delivers…

    Automated File Share Discovery

    Automate discovery to ensure all collections and monitoring functions are targeting your entire file share infrastructure.

    File System Access & Permissions Auditing

    Understand, track and control file share, folder, and file-level permissions with effective access views that account for every angle of access to your data.

    File Activity Monitoring

    Monitor every file access event including the operations performed, as well as permission changes and other important access-related activities.

    File System Data Classification & Discovery

    Discover sensitive data of any type using hundreds of preconfigured criteria sets and the ability to easily create custom criteria for over 400 file types.

    File Analysis for Metadata and Content

    Collect and analyze file metadata like names, dates, types, sizes, tags, owners, authors, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    File Share Access Governance Workflows

    Implement end-user friendly entitlement reviews, self-service access requests, sensitive data reviews, and more for security and compliance.

    Access Restructuring and Change Modeling

    Situate your environment for effective governance through the automatic implementation of a of a least privilege model and simulate the effects of changes before they are made.

    Ownership Identification & Assignment

    Collect and analyze file metadata like names, dates, types, sizes, tags, owners, authors, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Stale Data Identification and Clean-up

    Identify and clean up stale data that no longer needs to be managed to reduce risk and reclaim valuable storage space that produces tangible ROI.

    Automated Compliance Reporting

    Automate the generation of compliance artifacts to satisfy internal and external auditor demands through report tagging with role-based access controls.

    Least Privilege Access Analysis

    Identify overprovisioned access rights that can be removed to reduce the risks of insider theft and the damage that can be done if accounts are compromised.

    User Behavior Analysis

    Identify behavioral anomalies and suspicious activities like first time access, weekend activity, unusual peer group and write activities, and more.

    Preconfigured Reporting

    Hit the ground running with preconfigured reports focused Access, Permissions, Content, Activity, Ownership, Sensitive Data, and much more.

    Toxic Condition Identification

    Automatically identify “toxic” conditions like Open Access, Broken Inheritance, Directly Applied User Permissions, Nested Shares, Local User and Group access, and more.

    Workflow Composition

    Leverage the full power of StealthAUDIT to automate processes in their entirety, including integration with 3rd party solutions and more.

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    Audit File System Access, Activity, and Sensitive Data for Automated Security & Compliance Reporting

    Want to know where your sensitive data is? How about which file shares are openly accessible to every user in your organization? StealthAUDIT for File Systems is leveraged by the world’s largest organizations with the most complex and globally distributed file share infrastructures to answer these questions and many more. StealthAUDIT’s scalability, accuracy, flexibility, and interoperability make it the preferred choice for organizations serious about data security.

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