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StealthAUDIT® for Dropbox

Comprehensive Dropbox Business auditing for security and compliance.

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    Dropbox Business Auditing with StealthAUDIT

    A perennial leader in Gartner Inc.’s “Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms” report, Dropbox Business serves the content collaboration needs of hundreds of thousands of teams across organizations of virtually every shape and size.

    StealthAUDIT for Dropbox provides organizations leveraging Dropbox Business with comprehensive visibility into where their sensitive data exists, along with detailed assessment and reporting on access rights, sharing policies and configurations, and more.

    StealthAUDIT for Dropbox Delivers…

    Dropbox Access & Permissions Auditing

    Understand effective access rights to each Dropbox repository and inactive access rights that can be revoked.

    Dropbox Sensitive Data Classification

    Scan the contents of over 400 file types to discover which files contain sensitive information of any type.

    Dropbox Sharing Configuration

    Obtain a listing of every shared resource along with sharing policy and owner information on files and folders.

    Dropbox Content Analysis

    Break down Dropbox content by file type, classification, and size. Identify stale content that can be removed or archived to reduce risk.

    Preconfigured Reporting

    Hit the ground running with preconfigured reports focused on group and user access, content ownership, data classification, and more.

    Workflow Composition

    Leverage the full power of StealthAUDIT to automate processes in their entirety, including integration with 3rd party solutions and more.

    Dropbox Compliance Auditing

    Demonstrate compliance with virtually any standard by automating the generation of compliance artifacts and establishing regular reviews of access rights and data.

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    Audit Dropbox Sensitive Data and Access for Security & Compliance Fulfillment

    Who has access to the data within your Dropbox Business accounts? Is Dropbox Business data being shared with external users? StealthAUDIT for Dropbox provides the critical capabilities you need to assess the location and security of your sensitive data stored in Dropbox Business.

    See the market’s most comprehensive Dropbox auditing, reporting, and governance platform in action.

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