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StealthAUDIT® for Box

Comprehensive Box auditing and monitoring for security and compliance.

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    Box Enterprise Auditing with StealthAUDIT

    Box is one of the world’s most popular enterprise content management platforms. With over 41 million users and 85,000 businesses relying on Box for secure storage and collaboration, Box accounts are brimming with sensitive files that are only a click away from virtually any internet-connected device.

    StealthAUDIT for Box provides deep visibility into Box access rights, policies, configurations, activities, and more, ensuring you never lose sight or control of your critical assets residing in Box.

    StealthAUDIT for Box Delivers…

    Box Access & Permissions Auditing

    Understand effective access rights, file-level permissions, and inactive access rights that can be revoked.

    Box Activity Monitoring

    Monitor over 80 different event types for complete visibility into every user and enterprise event.

    Box Sharing Configuration

    Report on shares by team and obtain sharing policy and owner information on files and folders.

    Box Content Analysis

    Break down Box content by file type, classification, and size. Identify stale content that can be removed or archived to reduce risk.

    Preconfigured Reporting

    Hit the ground running with preconfigured reports focused on group and user access, content ownership, suspicious activities, usage statistics, and more.

    Workflow Composition

    Leverage the full power of StealthAUDIT to automate processes in their entirety, including integration with 3rd party solutions and more.

    Box Compliance Auditing

    Demonstrate compliance with virtually any standard by automating the generation of compliance artifacts and establishing regular reviews of access rights and data.

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    Audit Box Access and Activity for Security & Compliance Fulfillment

    Want to know who has access to your organization’s data in Box? Is your Box data being shared with external users? StealthAUDIT for Box provides quick and easy answers to the hardest questions you face in the management and security of your Box Enterprise environment, helping you save time, reduce risk, and increase security.

    See the market’s most comprehensive Box auditing, reporting, and governance platform in action.

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