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StealthAUDIT® for AWS

Comprehensive AWS IAM and S3 access auditing, activity monitoring, and data classification for security and compliance.

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    AWS S3 Auditing with StealthAUDIT

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) has quickly become one of the world’s most popular object storage platforms. However, user error with regards to complex and confusing access management controls and other factors have left large amounts of sensitive information within S3 buckets exposed, in some cases openly accessible to anyone with an internet connection, leading to data breach and concerns regarding the ability to secure data properly within the S3 ecosystem.

    StealthAUDIT for AWS allows organizations to secure their data residing in S3, reducing their risk exposure through proactive, automated auditing and reporting of S3 permissions, file activity, and sensitive data, and ultimately a consolidated view of user access rights across dozens of structured and unstructured data resources both on-premises and in the cloud.

    StealthAUDIT for AWS Delivers…

    S3 Permissions Auditing

    Obtain detailed information and views on permissions assigned to AWS S3 Buckets, highlighting specific threats like “Open” Buckets and Broken Inheritance.

    S3 Sensitive Data Discovery

    Audit and analyze S3 Bucket content and object details, including the identification of sensitive information, ePHI, PII, and custom criteria like Employee IDs and trade secrets.

    Root Account Security

    Audit and analyze AWS root accounts for important security settings, including access keys and MFA configuration.

    IAM User Security

    Audit and analyze AWS IAM user accounts which have not rotated their access keys or have never used it, as well as the MFA status of each AWS user.

    Inactive Access

    Identify user accounts which no have not logged into AWS for an extended amount of time or have never logged in.

    Group Membership Analysis

    Understand group memberships and obtain summarized views on the policies assigned to each group.

    Stale Group Analysis

    Identify group conditions that could indicate staleness such as Orphaned Groups and Empty Sensitive Security Groups, as well as Groups with Stale Membership.

    Sensitive Security Groups

    Track the membership of groups that have sensitive or higher-level security policies assigned to them for security and compliance.

    IAM Roles

    Inventory IAM roles, along with associated details and configurations.

    IAM Policy Analysis

    Inventory and analyze all AWS policies (AWS and Custom Managed, and Inline), as well as Duplicate and Unused policies that can be consolidated or removed.

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    Audit AWS S3 Bucket Access, Activity, and Sensitive Data for Automated Security & Compliance Reporting

    Want to know where your sensitive data is and who is accessing it? How about which of your S3 buckets are openly accessible to anyone with an internet connection? StealthAUDIT for AWS is designed to answer these questions and many more. StealthAUDIT’s scalability, accuracy, flexibility, and interoperability make it the preferred choice for organizations serious about data security.

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