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StealthAUDIT® Action Module Framework

StealthAUDIT Action Modules provide automated remediation and orchestration capabilities for StealthAUDIT users.

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    Remediation and Orchestration with StealthAUDIT

    Part and parcel to any problem-solving exercise is the desire to fix what was broken or establish a process to keep something from needing to be fixed again. In the management and security of your credentials and data, this could mean thousands of things, from modifying an incorrect configuration setting across hundreds of workstations to verifying the physical location of each user in your enterprise. The point is, knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things.

    StealthAUDIT’s Action Module framework serves as both a means by which to communicate with and receive feedback from end users, as well as automatically or programmatically remediate conditions across your organization. Fix excessive access, clean-up stale data, feed ticketing systems, and tie processes together seamlessly with StealthAUDIT’s open, flexible action facilities.

    Explore StealthAUDIT Action Modules

    • Active Directory Action Module

      The Active Directory Action Module can be used to:

      • Clear/Set SID history
      • Change Computer object details/attributes
      • Create Users
      • Delete Objects (User, Group, Computer)
      • Disable/Enable Users
      • Change Group object details/attributes
      • Modify Group Membership
      • Remove all members from a group
      • Move objects
      • Set/Reset user passwords
      • Unlock users
      • Change user details/attributes
    • File System Action Module

      The File System Action Module can be used to:

      • Change attributes
      • Change permissions and auditing
      • Change permission inheritance
      • Change share permissions
      • Copy
      • Delete
      • Launch remote process
      • Move
      • Remove permissions
      • Remove share permissions
      • Rename
      • Add/remove tags
      • Change Owner
    • SharePoint Action Module

      The SharePoint Action Module can be used to:

      • Add site trustee
      • Remove site trustee
      • Add list trustee
      • Remove list trustee
      • Add library trustee
      • Remove library trustee
      • Add group member
      • Remove group member
    • Exchange Mailbox Action Module

      The Exchange Mailbox Action Module can be used to:

      • Delete mailbox contents
      • Add/change permissions
      • Remove permissions
      • Add delegates
      • Remove delegates
      • Remove stale SIDs
    • Exchange Public Folder Action Module

      The Exchange Public Folder Action Module can be used to:

      • Rename
      • Change permissions
      • Modify custom attributes
      • Reduce replicas
      • Modify limits
      • Delete
    • ServiceNow Action Module

      The ServiceNow Action Module enables StealthAUDIT Administrators to automatically create ServiceNow Incidents (i.e. tickets) based upon StealthAUDIT scan data or analyses.

      With the ability to inject data dynamically into various incident fields and set priorities based on the nature of the condition found, organizations can proactively identify, track, and remediate issues through their preferred IT Service Management system, ServiceNow.

    • SendMail Action Module

      The SendMail Action Module provides StealthAUDIT Administrators a method of communicating with end users en masse by facilitating the creation and distribution of email messages containing dynamic, user-specific content from selected audit data.

    • Survey Action Module

      The Survey Action Module provides StealthAUDIT Administrators a method of soliciting feedback from end users to expedite and aid in various decision making processes.

      The Survey Action Module will automatically build a customized, web-based survey, distributed via email, for users to answer questions you’ve design. Preconfigured templates and survey samples are also provided out-of-the-box to help get you started.

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