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Automatically generate incident tickets and facilitate user-defined workflows to boost efficiency, reduce risk, achieve compliance, and decrease response times.


Stealthbits Integration with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is one of the most popular IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms available, providing organizations with the ability to digitize manual, time-consuming processes and workflows across multiple silos of their businesses.

Stealthbits supports the ServiceNow cause by helping to automate and orchestrate IT operations, compliance, and security tasks through direct and flexible integration options.

Stealthbits’ ServiceNow Integration Scenarios

“Incident” Automation

Auto-generation of incident tickets with the ability to properly map and populate collected data to incident properties


StealthDEFEND detects a high-risk permissions change on one of the organization’s Network File Shares, opening access up to all users in the organization.

StealthDEFEND sends a communication to ServiceNow with a description and details of the event, along with instructions to remediate the violation.

Workflow Automation

Append data and automate actions to drive customer-defined workflows within ServiceNow


StealthAUDIT identifies a series of Active Directory objects (e.g. security groups) that appear to be stale and good candidates for deletion.

StealthAUDIT auto-creates tickets for each object in ServiceNow to be reviewed by an administrator. Subsequent action is taken by StealthAUDIT based on the admin’s response.

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Stealthbits’ ServiceNow Integration Options

SMTP-Formatted Email

Any Stealthbits product can send email alerts to anyone or anything you’d like. Simply format and send your email alert using ServiceNow-accepted variables for a quick and easy way to integrate.

ServiceNow API Integration

StealthAUDIT’s ServiceNow Action Module and StealthDEFEND’s Response Playbook actions allow for bidirectional integration with ServiceNow via API.

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