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    Active Directory (AD) Management & Security

    Threat Detection & Response
    Stealthbits detects advanced AD attacks and protects critical AD objects from unauthorized change or access. Prebuilt actions can be triggered automatically or programmatically in response to high-risk scenarios, such as killing sessions, locking accounts, and notifying the Security team.

    Unique, patented detection, mitigation, and response mechanisms aligning to serious threat techniques and tools like Golden Tickets, Kerberoasting, DC Sync, DC Shadow, Ntds.dit extraction, and more make Stealthbits the most advanced Active Directory Security solution available today.

    Vulnerability Assessment
    Stealthbits identifies and remediates conditions, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities that allow attackers to compromise credentials and data. By allowing organizations to more easily follow best practices to prevent credential abuse and privilege escalation, Stealthbits provides proactive security that drastically mitigates risk.

    Password Protection
    Using a curated dictionary of known compromised passwords and dozens of password filters, StealthINTERCEPT Enterprise Password Enforcer safeguards your organization from credential-stuffing attacks and others like password spraying, guessing, and brute force. This is accomplished by proactively preventing these weak and compromised passwords from being used – regardless of whether or not they meet complexity requirements – further enforcing password hygiene and reducing the opportunity for attackers to crack or guess passwords in automated or manual fashions.

    Rollback & Recovery
    StealthRECOVER provides point-in-time rollback and recovery of AD objects, attributes, Integrated DNS, and more, allowing organizations to restore objects in their entirety or just the granular attribute information they need. StealthRECOVER’s intuitive, lightweight web interface makes exploring object histories, recovering deleted Active Directory objects, and rolling back undesirable attribute changes safe and straightforward.

    Stealthbits provides proper guidance to move from on-premises AD to Azure with proven migration strategies. While some vendors provide separate products for cloud migration, Stealthbits works efficiently and cost-effectively with your business to take advantage of Microsoft’s Cloud Migration Services.

    Product Innovation

    For over 15 years, Stealthbits has been busy creating solutions and innovating new capabilities to ensure that customers stay ahead of the curve. While some vendors may remain in maintenance and collection mode, Stealthbits is committed to enhancing existing solutions – and revolutionizing new ones – in innovation mode.


    Stealthbits provides a comprehensive, out-of-the-box experience, while also allowing you to extend our preconfigured solutions or create your own as new requirements arise. Our customers can create custom jobs, create response workflows, and import data from a number of sources, giving them the flexibility to monitor and manage the more unique aspects of their environment.

    Third Party Integrations

    At Stealthbits, we pride ourselves on interoperability, which is why we’ve partnered with the world’s leaders in cybersecurity to provide certified, out of the box integrations that fill critical gaps and create efficiencies that couldn’t exist otherwise. Even if you’re working with a homegrown solution, Stealthbits builds flexible input and output options that tie together disparate processes seamlessly.

    Free Security Assessment

    With Stealthbits’ Credential and Data Security Assessment (CDSA), customers get a full assessment and calculation of risk across three of the most critical and often misunderstood areas of an environment. With fast, no impact scanning, Stealthbits’ free security assessment provides comprehensive visibility with 50+ security checks in total. A detailed Executive Summary highlights where attention is needed most and why, allowing any audience to fully understand the nature of the risks identified and why they’re important to remediate.

    Customer Support

    Stealthbits is consistently lauded for top-notch customer service with a personal touch. Stealthbits’ business has grown and been significantly shaped by our customers and their feedback. We listen and respond quickly and conscientiously, always valuing our customer’s opinions.

    Pricing, Licensing, & Deployment Cost

    Stealthbits packs value into every licensable module and maintains appropriate price points. Some vendors’ products cost more to deploy than the license cost itself, while Stealthbits takes a much simpler and more reasonable approach to pricing and licensing.

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