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Complimentary one-year subscription of our Privileged Access Management solution

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    Let us focus on securing privacy of student information so you can focus on education


    Stealthbits wants to honor the extraordinary measures of educators and their resource-constrained IT administrators in the age of COVID-19 remote learning with a special offer: a free one-year subscription to Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager® (SbPAM) software.

    Why are we offering a full version of our SbPAM solution for one year?

    Educators and their IT admins have gone above and beyond to keep schools focused on teaching and students on learning, despite the constant strain and stress of fighting a surge in cybersecurity breaches.

    According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, ransomware attacks within the education sector jumped to 80% of reported malware-related incidents, compared to 45% the prior year. An increase in financially motivated incidents appears to drive the growth of ransomware across the education sector. Phishing attacks occurred in 28% of breaches while hacking via stolen credentials took place in 23% of the incidents.

    Recent attacks have resulted in online learning delays and IT outages as well as leaks in student records, research, financial data and personally identifiable information. In some cases, school districts and universities have made six-figure payments to recover encrypted or stolen data.

    Stealthbits SbPAM is ideal for educational institutions as it uses a task-based approach, which gives IT admins and privileged business users just-in-time, temporary access to the data they need to perform a specific task. Once the task is completed, access is removed, significantly reducing the “attack surface” hackers exploit to gain access to networks and systems.

    SbPAM is unlike traditional PAM solutions, which are complicated and require extensive expertise to deploy and manage. In most cases, SbPAM can be installed in less than an hour, which means we can quickly get you using and benefiting from the product without a significant investment in services to get up and running.

    About the Offer

    U.S-based K-12 schools as well as public colleges and universities, including historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), can take advantage of Stealthbits’ complimentary one-year SbPAM software subscription until June 30, 2021.

    In addition to receiving SbPAM free of charge for that period, education customers will gain access to Stealthbits’ Learning Management System (LMS), which contains online tutorials, videos and training materials.

    After one year, school administrators can renew their subscriptions for an additional year at a nominal cost. A maintenance fee of $1,500 will be charged for five or fewer users; administrative teams comprising 20 or fewer users will be charged $2,500. Additional user licenses can be purchased for $250 per user.

    The total value of Stealthbits’ SbPAM offer starts at around $10,000 and extends to more than $100,000, depending upon the size of the school district, public college or university as well as the number of administrators and accounts requiring privileged access.

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    “What was most intriguing about SbPAM is that we can truly manage the access to our systems to the level of least privilege. The concept of temporary elevation, or just-in-time access, makes so much sense as the admin is granted access on-the-fly and access is removed when no longer needed.”

    Craig Larsen, IS Administrator, Eastern Carver County Schools

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    “Remote learning is motivator for disruption, and a convenient avenue of entry for attackers. Schools maintain highly sensitive and personally identifiable information, ranging from social security numbers to medical records, as well as credit card and other financial information—all of which attackers can monetize in other venues. Adding insult to injury, schools remain an attractive target because they are often ill-equipped from a technology, funding, manpower and sophistication perspective.”

    Adam Laub, GM, Stealthbits

    Our special offer for our Educators

    Now that you’ve let us know you are interested in this offer, there are four steps that will follow:

    1. You will receive an email to the address you provided in the registration form. In this email, there is a link to download a TRIAL version of SbPAM. This is a full functioning version of our product but is limited to 30 day use.
    2. We ask that you download and install SbPAM from this link. The trial process provides you the details you need to implement the tool. We’ve simplified that process and customers are able to install within an hour.
    3. Once you have downloaded the product, we will be registering you in Stealthbits University where you can access the online training and video tutorials for SbPAM.
    4. One of our Sales Representatives will be following up with you shortly. They will work with you to ensure we set up your account to issue your subscription to use SbPAM for the full year and they will work with you when you are ready to extend your subscription after year 1.

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