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Stealthbits Technologies, Inc. releases SMP for BlackBerry v3

May 26, 2009

GLEN ROCK, NJ (May 26, 2009) – Stealthbits Technologies, Inc., an innovative leader in Microsoft infrastructure and application management solutions, announces the latest release of SMP for BlackBerry as part of the StealthAUDIT Management Platform (SMP). This latest release rounds out an already impressive BES reporting solution with a unique approach to BlackBerry monitoring and diagnostics aimed to reduce the overhead, complexities, and costs associated with traditional BlackBerry management solutions.

SMP for BlackBerry v3 includes enhanced functionality and product features such as a high-availability BlackBerry Monitoring Applet (eliminating the need for resource-intensive agents), an interactive BlackBerry Helpdesk Web Portal, and more than 120 BlackBerry reports out-of-the-box focusing on high-visibility BES Management issues such as SRP, Exchange, BES SQL, and BES Server Connections and Status, Device, User, Provider, and Server Metrics, Load Balancing, and Diagnostics.

“SMP for BlackBerry v3 introduces to the industry, a smarter way to monitor BlackBerry Enterprise Server,” stated Kevin Foisy, company Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Our applet-based technology provides many benefits. It eliminates the headaches and pitfalls of maintaining yet another agent and greatly lowers the overall risks that agents pose. When combined with StealthAUDIT’s deep reach into all of the supporting sub-systems that BES is relying upon, SMP for BlackBerry v3 becomes a truly unique and complete solution for organizations of any size.”

SMP for BlackBerry v3 is licensed according to the number of BlackBerry devices in the environment and can be purchased as a standalone solution or as an integrated component of Stealthbits SMP for Exchange Solution Suite. For additional information and free trial opportunities for SMP for BlackBerry v3 and the StealthAUDIT Management Platform, visit

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Stealthbits Technologies, Inc. is an innovative technology leader in the Microsoft infrastructure and application management space. Unlike traditional frameworks that are a mile wide and an inch deep, Stealthbits has taken a unique approach. Built upon a common platform and shared services, the StealthAUDIT Management Platform is as broad as it is deep across multiple areas of OS and application Management, Auditing, Reporting, Compliance, and Remediation. With concentrated focus around Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, BlackBerry, and Windows Systems, Stealthbits provides organizations of all sizes the visibility needed to manage systems and applications effectively and efficiently through a single interface, a common platform, and light-weight architecture.

Stealthbits’ customer base speaks for itself with over 30 Fortune 500 and 30 FT Global 500 organizations utilizing the StealthAUDIT Management Platform.

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