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Stealthbits’ Public Folder Clean-Up Solution Streamlines SharePoint Migrations

July 15, 2009

GLEN ROCK, NJ (07/15/09) – Stealthbits Technologies’ software solution, SMP for Public Folders, makes short work of preparing organizations of any size for their Public Folder to SharePoint migration. Stealthbits Technologies, Inc., an innovative leader in the Microsoft infrastructure and application management space, is changing the way organizations tackle this daunting task through programmatic workflow involving the assessment, analysis, and remediation of Public Folders, all within a single product.

Over the past decade, many organizations have allowed their Public Folder environments to grow out of control, migrating unneeded, out-of-date content from one version of Exchange to the next. While cheap disk space proved to be an effective short term solution for minimizing Public Folder clean-up efforts, the long term costs of hurling hardware at a software problem now far outweigh the benefits realized by delaying the inevitable.

In 2006, Microsoft announced they would be “de-emphasizing” Public Folders in future versions of Exchange, causing widespread panic among Exchange Administrators, Compliance Auditors, and CIO’s alike, as cleaning up this massive repository of unchartered data would surely present an overwhelming burden on IT resources. While Microsoft has since extended their deadline for supporting Public Folders, the need to understand what is in the environment, who actually owns the content, and what can be done with each and every Public Folder remains a ticking time bomb for any organization still supporting Public Folders.

Stealthbits has incorporated cutting-edge techniques into their offering to hurdle some of the most difficult challenges in assessing and analyzing Public Folder data, such as identifying the “Most Probable Owner” of a Public Folder and soliciting end-user feedback as part of the decision-making process through integrated SendMail and Survey Modules. Stealthbits’ Public Folder Action Module rounds out the workflow with a myriad of options for remediating Public Folder content in just a few clicks.

Stealthbits’ customers have realized incredible results in only days and weeks (compared to months and years) by using over 30 out-of-the-box reports specifically designed to dissect the Public Folder environment into manageable data subsets, as well as the native ability to create customized data collection routines, reports, and views answering the toughest business questions. One large financial customer was able to retire over 5,000 folders and reclaim over 50GB of storage within 3 weeks of implementing the solution, in addition to recertifying Public Folder permissions for all 300,000+ folders.

Stealthbits offers project, subscription, and perpetual based licensing models for SMP for Public Folders or can be purchased as an integrated component of Stealthbits’ SMP for Exchange Solution Suite.

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