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Stealthbits releases Active Directory Security Group Clean-up Solution

September 1, 2011

Glen Rock, NJ ( 9/1/2011) – Stealthbits Technologies, a leading provider of IT Compliance, Security, and Operational Management solutions for the Microsoft computing platform, today announced the release of a new solution designed to analyze and consolidate Active Directory Security Groups. As an extension to the award-winning StealthAUDIT Management Platform (SMP) for Active Directory, Stealthbits’ solution aims to reduce the complexity associated with managing and provisioning access to environmental resources through Active Directory, while at the same time increasing customers’ security and compliance stature through the reduction of access to data overall.

Despite having spent millions on costly Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to prove compliance and increase protection of critical data and resources, many organizations have begun to realize that the underlying issue of inappropriate and often excessive access privileges continues to proliferate. IAM solutions are a must for many organizations today, and while they help to streamline and ease the burden of provisioning access upon their instantiation, they fail to address the decade or more of access that already exists due to Active Directory Groups across both structured and unstructured data repositories like the File System, SharePoint, SQL, and Exchange.

Stealthbits Technologies’ Active Directory Group Clean-up solution helps organizations of any size to determine where toxic group conditions exist such as circular, deep-level, and improper nesting, as well as duplicate, similar, single-member, and empty groups. Additionally, in-depth analysis of group memberships and other available metadata allows organizations to obtain information such as stale groups no longer in use or who should be designated group ownership through the solution’s “Most Probable Owner” algorithm. Furthermore, all group data can be fed into fully customizable end-user attestation workflows through SMP’s integrated survey engine to verify group necessity, memberships, and configurations, helping to solve the problem now and prevent the problem from occurring again in the future.

“The beautiful thing about this solution is how simple we’ve made it for our customers to do something so difficult,” said Sean Bergman, Product Engineer and Solution Architect for Stealthbits. “We’re seeing that many of our customers have more Active Directory Groups than User Accounts, which speaks to the magnitude of this issue and the obvious difficulty organizations are having managing Groups on a day-to-day basis. The analysis we’re providing takes all of the complexity out of the equation for our customers and the information we’re bringing to light appeals to multiple groups within organizations, from Operations to Security and Compliance. The price-to-value ratio is off the charts.”

The StealthAUDIT Management Platform is designed to address the toughest business problems across the entire Microsoft ecosystem – from Active Directory to the File System, SharePoint, SQL, Exchange, BlackBerry and ActiveSync, Desktops, Servers, and beyond. Unlike “point solutions” that address only a single issue or area of management, SMP is a truly integrated framework containing all the data collection, analysis, remediation, and reporting facilities needed to address thousands of requirements through a single application, across multiple system and application types, and IT management disciplines.

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