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Stealthbits Launches Free Permissions Auditing Capabilities for Cloud and On-Premises Resources

April 30, 2019

Stealthbits’ Access Library Now Available

HAWTHORNE, NJ–April 30, 2019 – Stealthbits Technologies, Inc., a cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data, today announced the release of the Stealthbits Access Library, a new portal for users to download free connectors designed to audit data access rights across a variety of popular cloud and on-premises data repositories.

Organizations today are forced to manage a large number of data resources and repositories. So much so, it can quickly become too much. Unfortunately, they do not always get the support needed for all the platforms they manage. They do not have a consolidated view of what users have access to which results in undesirable security, compliance and operational outcomes.

Stealthbits Technologies is working to correct this, by providing an interactive portal where Stealthbits users can submit and share data access connectors for platforms not natively provided within Stealthbits’ Data Access Governance solution, creating a vibrant ecosystem of custom connectors that can be modified and shared within the community.

Once community-submitted connectors are validated by Stealthbits, connectors are posted and shared with the entire Stealthbits community, whereby licensed Stealthbits users can browse and download connectors for free. The connectors and the data they collect are subsequently displayed within StealthAUDIT’s Access Information Center (AIC) or used for custom reporting.

“Organizations traditionally leverage multiple platforms to store and manage their content. Not having visibility into all permissions to content across these platforms can prove detrimental to determining risk, compliance, and overall governance strategy,” said Ryan Tully, VP of Product Strategy – Data Access Governance. “Stealthbits’ Access Library grants the freedom to our customers and enables them to use almost any content platform they choose while still being able to gain insight into their data access rights from a single pane of glass. We look forward to continuing to drive value in this area with the help of our community.”

With this powerful and unique approach, Stealthbits has kick started this effort with the following connectors, available free to download, for all current StealthAUDIT users:

  • PostgreSQL Permissions
  • Office 365 Tenant Roles Permissions
  • MySQL Permissions
  • Microsoft Teams Permissions
  • Hyper-V Permissions
  • Google Drive Permissions
  • Azure Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Permissions
  • Azure SQL Permissions
  • VMWare Permissions
  • Salesforce Libraries Permissions

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