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Stealthbits Launches Free Business Intelligence Report Packs for Tableau and Power BI

October 9, 2019

New Reporting Tools Provide Efficient Visualization and Understanding of Complex Data Collection for Improved Decision Making to Drive Active Directory (AD) and File System Security

HAWTHORNE, NJ–October 9, 2019 –Stealthbits Technologies, Inc., a cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data, today announced the release of “Business Intelligence (BI) Report Packs” for Active Directory (AD) and File System security. A free extension for existing customers, Stealthbits’ BI Report Packs contain predefined data models and preconfigured reports and dashboards built for Tableau and Power BI users, and are available for download in the Stealthbits App Catalog.

Business success has become increasingly data-centric and it’s not uncommon for today’s organizations to struggle with “information overload.” As a result, BI tools have become not only necessary, but prolific in their ability to convert all this data into consumable information. With BI tools, businesses are able to effectively mine and analyze complex datasets with ease, allowing even non-technical users to answer critical business questions that otherwise may have required IT assistance. The ability to visualize and understand data quickly and efficiently helps to improve decision making, which is why Stealthbits is excited to offer these complementary BI Report Packs to existing StealthAUDIT users.

“Our customers have always taken advantage of our open architecture and the ability to share the rich data we collect with the other tools they know and love,” said Farrah Vijayan, Director of Technical Product Management. “Our report packs for Power BI and Tableau make it easier for our customers to do just this by allowing them to easily integrate with their favorite BI tools to make reporting to management and other teams a more streamlined process.”

The BI Report Packs found on the Stealthbits App Catalog include benefits like predefined data models based on Active Directory and File System data collected by StealthAUDIT, preconfigured, yet customizable reports and dashboards, as well as an online community available to build and share their own reports.

“BI tools have become so widespread,” said Jeff Warren, General Manager – Products. “It’s not just the organization at large, but each individual team within the organization that is using these solutions,” Warren continued. “We saw an opportunity to extend the value we’re providing an organization’s technical staff to their business users by making our data and capabilities available in the BI tools they’re most comfortable with and accustomed to.”

To learn more about Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager, visit or click here to download your copy of the Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager What’s New Product Release Guide.

Also, you can visit to see a brief overview video, highlighting SbPAM’s just-in-time, tasked-based administrative access management capabilities.

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