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Stealthbits Debuts Privileged Activity Management with Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) to Round Out Product Portfolio at Gartner IAM Summit

December 9, 2019

HAWTHORNE, NJ–December 9, 2019 –Stealthbits Technologies, Inc., a cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data, will highlight its newest product line, Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager (SbPAM) at the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, in Las Vegas, December 10 through 12.

Stealthbits uniquely fills critical gaps in Identity and Access Management (IAM) programs by extending visibility into data sources these solutions cannot connect to, or at levels they are not designed to provide. Stealthbits’ solutions discover these missing data access entitlements and privileged accounts with ease, extending and bolstering IAM’s control over the two things every attacker is after: credentials and data.

SbPAM is a next generation Privileged Access Management solution that seeks to not just control privileged accounts, but effectively reduce the quantity of them altogether using a variety of modern techniques, such as the use of ephemeral accounts and a just-in-time (JIT), just-enough privilege (JEP) approach to privileged access. Rather than solely checking out credentials from a vault, SbPAM can elevate the access level of a standard account or create the account at the exact time it is needed to allow the completion of an admin task, then removes those privileges once the task is complete. This zero standing privilege (ZSP) approach means that organizations can reduce risk of account compromise and increase overall security.

“Stealthbits extends our customers’ IAM platforms into 80 percent of data that they don’t have visibility into today – namely unstructured data – allowing them to provision, deprovision and govern access to all data from a single platform,” explained Adam Laub, CMO at Stealthbits.

“To facilitate faster and healthier IAM implementations, we clean and secure Active Directory, which is the primary identity store for 90 percent of organizations worldwide,” he continued. “And this year, I am very excited to introduce the Gartner attendees to our newest product line, Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager (SbPAM), which embraces a zero standing privilege (ZSP) architecture for Privileged Access Management.”

Stealthbits will be at Booth #430 throughout the Summit. To learn more about the Gartner IAM Summit, visit

To learn more about how Stealthbits enables successful and comprehensive IAM and PAM deployments, see Stealthbits Makes IAM Better.

To learn more visit and follow @Stealthbits on Twitter for updates during the conference.

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