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Stealthbits Announces StealthNEWS for Active Directory

May 22, 2012

New Product Line Provides Deep Visibility into Domain Controllers

Glen Rock, NJ – May 22, 2012 –Stealthbits Technologies, the provider of the industry’s most comprehensive IT management and compliance platform, today announced the availability of StealthNEWS for Active Directory, a new solution that captures the health of an organization’s Active Directory (AD) infrastructure and displays it in a single, web-based console for improved operations and management.

StealthNEWS for Active Directory is the first in a line of new products designed to provide holistic, on-demand insight into the current health of critical systems and applications across the Microsoft infrastructure. The AD product is a web-based console that enables organizations to perform tests on each of their domain controllers and analyze them to determine if there are any problems or configuration challenges. Organizations can customize the tests, which include DNS issues, replication problems, performance, critical services, availability, and more, to fit their specific needs. Additionally, StealthNEWS for Active Directory provides the ability for organizations to include additional data collections, analysis and results.

“At the heart of all AD deployments, domain controllers are critical to maintaining a healthy AD infrastructure,” said David Bullas, Active Directory development manager at Stealthbits Technologies. “StealthNEWS for Active Directory is the first in a series of new products designed for organizations of literally any size. Large shops need a solution that’s capable of handling complex configurations and topologies, in addition to one that can scale to tens and even hundreds of thousands of users spread across vast geographical distances.  Alternatively, small and medium-sized shops need a simple, easy-to-use, and largely preconfigured solution that gives them exactly what they need to know, without the hefty price tag.”

By giving organizations the ability to visualize the health of their AD infrastructure in one place, StealthNEWS for Active Directory makes it easy for AD administrators, managers and operations groups to pinpoint problems with their environment before they start causing outages, as well as gain an understanding of some of their specific challenges so they can implement the appropriate changes or modify their domain policy.

Other key benefits of StealthNEWS for Active Directory include the ability to:

  • Visualize the health of an AD Infrastructure from
    multiple forests down to individual servers.
  • Customize and extend the diagnostics to include
    existing scripts, additional tests and analysis
    through a flexible collection engine.
  • Analyze and diagnose AD problems on domain
    controllers, sites, and domains.
  • Specify the layout and location of the information displayed
  • Exclude known issues and show only unintended outages.

Pricing & Availability

StealthNEWS for Active Directory is available immediately through Stealthbits. For more information, visit, email or call +1-201-447-9300.

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