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Stealthbits Announces Cost-Effective Solution to Uncover Sensitive Data

December 11, 2012

StealthSEEK mitigates security risks associated with unstructured data offering a complimentary trial.

Hawthorne, NJ – December 11, 2012 – Stealthbits Technologies, the provider of the industry’s most comprehensive data security and compliance platform, today announced the availability of StealthSEEK, a feature-rich, low-footprint data discovery solution designed to easily and efficiently pinpoint sensitive data without the need for costly infrastructure or upfront investments. StealthSEEK is a flexible, easy-to-use data scanning tool that serves as a critical component in the access governance lifecycle by giving users the ability to quickly and efficiently look in to their massive, unstructured file systems to identify high-risk content. Unlike traditional DLP products focused on end-point security and data in motion, StealthSEEK excels at discovering data at rest, targeting sensitive content quickly and easily.

Enterprise networks are virtual minefields of proprietary data – including social security numbers, credit card details, healthcare records, private employee and customer information, intellectual property, and other critical information – hidden among billions of files spread across massive, geographically-dispersed file servers. Industry reports signal how unstructured data held by enterprises continues to grow at fierce rates.

Andrew Kellett, Principal Security Analyst at Ovum, notes that, across businesses, the general lack of protection for sensitive data is likely to have regulatory and business implications and, in extreme cases, could even cause businesses to fail. Yet to protect sensitive data organizations must first discover it and then take action, and the growth of unstructured data only magnifies the problem.

Both public and private sector organizations have compelling reasons to protect their sensitive data, including the potential for financial losses and conflicts with regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA. DLP solutions are widely available but, despite this, enterprise adoption levels remain relatively low. There are some justifiable reasons for this such as deployment complexity considerations and the costs associated with operating and maintaining the technology Kellett concludes.

“Solutions like StealthSEEK ease the point of entry for organizations looking to identify data at rest, enabling IT personnel to take the necessary steps toward protecting an organization’s vital data. StealthSEEK targets massive, unstructured data repositories with precision focus for locating proprietary data where it resides within the network – even buried within archives or PST files. Whether scanning a desktop or Big Data stack, StealthSEEK is built to scale and classify content with surgical accuracy” notes, Adam Laub, CMO, Stealthbits.

Texas A&M, put StealthSEEK to the test scanning over a 1 million files a day with no detected network or client impact. “I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to install and use, quickly providing insightful results—especially in scanning large network volumes from a centralized location. We’ve found that it’s more effective at discovering sensitive content than any other product we’ve tried, expressed Victor Delgado, Senior Lead Microcomputer/LAN Administrator, Texas A&M.”

StealthSEEK addresses many of the challenges associated with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, including high up-front costs and significant time and effort to deploy. Unlike traditional solutions which require a substantial investment from users up front, StealthSEEK offers a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. IT practitioners are only required to buy enough credits to satisfy their desired business requirements, thus paying purely for what they need without absorbing any additional risk.

The user downloads the solution – which is fully deployed within minutes of initiating installation – and can perform the initial scan at no cost. They can subsequently opt to purchase credits (one credit is equal to approximately 1Gb of scanned data) directly from the application to unlock the database and explore the scan results in-depth in order to secure sensitive information.

Laub, expresses, “StealthSEEK is truly unique in that there is no risk or investment at all required to perform the scan, and the customer only pays for what they need, delivering high value for their dollar.”

StealthSEEK is available for download immediately from the Stealthbits website. This is a fully functional version of StealthSEEK which is available for free trial and pay-as-you-go beyond the trial period. For more information, visit Data Classification Software or email or call (201) 447-9300.

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