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NASDAQ Hack Proves Need for Stealthbits’ Compliance Baseline Solution

February 9, 2011

GLEN ROCK, NJ–(February 9, 2011) – Stealthbits Technologies, a leader in the IT systems management space, announces the release of the Compliance Baseline Manager, a key enhancement to the award-winning StealthAUDIT Management Platform for Systems Governance which helps to plug security holes like those that may have caused the recent NASDAQ hacking incident. Helping organizations identify and address critical configuration drift and compliance risks, SMP for Systems Governance arms administrators and auditors with comprehensive, scalable baseline and compliance templates as well as patch validation and system administrative insights.

The Compliance Baseline Manager extends SMP for Systems Governance with powerful new features geared towards addressing system configuration and governmental compliance, which can prevent system exploitation and escalation of privileges such as the recent security breach with NASDAQ. Administrators can now pinpoint where baseline configurations have changed, identify government regulatory compliance exceptions, be alerted when critical patches are not completely installed, and much more. The StealthAUDIT Management Platform’s lightweight and agent-less architecture allows organizations of all sizes to quickly identify and resolve critical security configuration issues.

“The recent incident at NASDAQ only reiterates the critical need to continuously review system compliance,” said Chris Olsen, CISM, VP of Product Management at Stealthbits. “Automation is the key to keeping up with ever-changing internal baseline configurations, governmental compliance requirements, and the on-going struggle to ensure that new patch deployments are installed 100%.”

SMP spans the entire Microsoft computing environment– from Active Directory and the File System to Exchange, SharePoint, and beyond. Detailed data collection combined with built-in business intelligence make SMP ideal for detecting and locking down system vulnerabilities.

“In addition to traditional systems governance reviews, organizations should continue to scrutinize administrative privileges from the top of the organizations all the way down to their unstructured data repositories. A constant vigil and lockdown of who can make changes from Active Directory, infrastructure systems, and applications is an important part to controlling permission sprawl and reducing exposure to escalation of privileges,” said Chris Olsen. “We all want to trust our own system administrators, but not everyone should have the access that they do.”

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