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In Wake of WikiLeaks, Data Audit and Security Software Solution

December 1, 2010

Glen Rock, NJ (Dec. 2, 2010) Stealthbits Technologies, a leader in the data security and compliance space, announces the release of Version 2.0 of their Data Governance software solution set. Helping organizations address critical security risks such as the recent WikiLeaks incident, the StealthAUDIT Management Platform for Data Governance arms administrators with comprehensive and scalable user activity monitoring, security permissions and assessment tools, and advanced auditing, reporting, and resolution features.

Version 2.0 of the SMP for Data Governance solution set boasts powerful new features geared towards addressing data loss prevention and permissions management, which can prevent internal leaks such as the recent security breach of 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables. Administrators can now pinpoint who has and is using access to files, when they are accessing them, how they received permissions, where shares are vulnerable, and much more. In addition, tighter integration with common storage devices such as NetApp Storage Controllers and Windows File Systems, advanced stale data reduction techniques, and a streamlined architectural approach for high-volume environments, uniquely position SMP to identify and resolve critical security issues in any organization.

“IT admins in even small and medium-sized organizations can be managing what equates to trillions of permissions settings,” said Chris Olsen, CISM, VP of Product Management at Stealthbits. “With many companies dealing with thousands of employees, decades of file system management, and organizational changes, the sheer volume of data makes internal data governance a nearly impossible endeavor.”

SMP spans the entire Microsoft computing environment from Active Directory and the File System to Exchange, SharePoint, and beyond. Detailed data collection combined with built-in business intelligence make SMP ideal for detecting and locking down data access vulnerabilities.

“The recent WikiLeaks scandal has made companies realize just how vulnerable their data is. While many organizations spend the majority of their security resources on protecting their perimeter, they often overlook the most prolific threat: insiders like the one that caused the recent government leak. Every organization has individuals that have access to data they shouldn’t have access to. Our customers have been leveraging SMP for years to discover and address those kinds of security issues. We’ve dedicated over a year to Version 2.0, and this release could not be more timely. SMP now goes even further to help our customers understand the “Who? What? Where? and When?” across their most critical data,” said Steve Cochran, CEO at Stealthbits Technologies.

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