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Gavin Ashton to Speak about Security Fundamentals on Stealthbits-hosted Webinar

August 10, 2020

IAM Specialist and Author of the famed “Maersk, me, and notPetya” blog post expands on “The Basics” for mitigating risks of advanced threats like Ransomware 

Hawthorne, NJ, August 10, 2020Stealthbits Technologies, Inc., a customer-driven cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data, today announced they will be hosting a live webinar on Thursday, August 13 at 11:00 AM EDT with IAM specialist and author of the wildly popular “Maersk, me, and notPetya” blog post, Gavin Ashton. The webinar, titled Back to The Basics,”’ will provide a deeper dive into Ashton’s prescribed plan of action for all organizations seeking better protection from advanced threats like ransomware.


“Gavin’s post struck a chord for thousands of cybersecurity professionals around the world, including all of us here at Stealthbits,” said Gerrit Lansing, Stealthbits Field CTO. “What Gavin described in the events leading up to, during, and after the notPetya attack not only speaks to the havoc these sorts of events can wreak on an organization, but on the lives and families of the individuals tasked with cleaning up the mess.” 

Lansing continued, “We think it’s so important for everyone to hear Gavin’s story and to learn some of the simple things they can do to drastically increase their organization’s resiliency to the plethora of advanced threats they face daily. It’s important for the decision-makers within these organizations to understand that improving security is not just about spending money on technologies, but about adopting and promoting the right culture and the right processes, which guide people to make the right decisions.”

Along with an in-depth discussion of “The Basics,” Lansing will deliver to attendees a useful real-world practitioners guide to securing their credentials and data from ransomware and other advanced threats, incorporating much of the what Ashton intelligently summarizes in his post.

Organizations frequently miss some basic processes and technical controls that would dramatically improve their resilience to the most severe cyberattacks, the likes of which I found myself close to the center of in 2017 during the notPetya outbreak,” said Ashton. These rapid cyberattacks are becoming ever more prevalent as some organizations succumb to paying multiple millions in ransom payments. So I am thrilled to be given the opportunity by Stealthbits to speak to you about what these processes and controls look like, as well as how you might rethink how you engage leadership to achieve buy-in to safeguard your enterprise.

Stealthbits invites cybersecurity professionals from around to world to join them for this educational and thoughtful discussion on one of the most challenging issues of our time.

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