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Stealthbits’ Active Directory Management and Security Overview

Duration: 49 Minutes

Active Directory (AD) is leveraged by over 90% of enterprises worldwide as the authentication and authorization hub of their IT infrastructure. AD contains the most critical credentials, which is why attackers have developed sophisticated attack tactics, techniques, and procedures that work with remarkable success. Active Directory’s inherent complexity leaves it prone to misconfiguration, exposing it to security risk that most organizations can’t handle due to the lack of resources necessary to monitor AD properly and protect it.

Stealthbits believes AD is secure and efficient when it’s clean, understood, configured properly, monitored closely, and controlled tightly. Our industry-leading suite of AD solutions enable organizations to effectively manage and secure AD at the levels required to mitigate the risks of advanced attacks, compliance failure, and operational outage.

Join Rod Simmons, Stealthbits Technologies’ VP of Product Strategy – Active Directory, as he reviews the many challenges organizations face in the management and security of AD and how Stealthbits can help.

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Rod Simmons
VP of Product Strategy – Active Directory Stealthbits Technologies

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