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KuppingerCole Executive View – Stealthbits Products Overview

Data Access Governance is important in order to manage the cyber risks related to organizational IT systems. Often, the first sign that a cyber-attack is in progress is abnormal activity by a legitimate user’s account. In addition to managing cyber risks, Data Access Governance is also relevant to regulatory compliance. For many industries, there are regulations that define how certain kinds of data must be discovered, classified, and protected. On top of this, the increasing number of privacy laws worldwide require stringent controls over how Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored.
This report covers Stealthbits’ suite of products designed to address IT security risks, compliance requirements, and day-to-day management functions spanning Data Access Governance, Active Directory Management & Security, and Threat Detection. Stealthbits provides several products to support credential and data security processes for a range of environments. The products include:

  • StealthAUDIT®: Automated data collection, analysis, and governance
  • StealthDEFEND®: Real-time alerting and behavioral analytics
  • Stealthbits File Activity Monitor: monitors and stores file activity
  • StealthINTERCEPT®: Real-time policy enforcement and change monitoring
  • StealthRECOVER®: Rollback and recovery of unwanted Active Directory changes

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