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IBM Security has a broad, open set of solutions that span every part of enterprise security needs. IBM Security customers enjoy one of the most comprehensive set of technologies offered by any provider. Every now and then, though, they get along with a little help from their friends at Stealthbits.


The Stealthbits focus on credentials and data can supply various IBM platforms with data from the dark corners of your IT infrastructure that makes their big picture able to focus on some additional details. By leveraging the interoperability that distinguishes Stealthbits from the rest, IBM Security customers can ensure their investments deliver maximum value for most of their world.

IBM brings Stealthbits in for a large variety of solutions, but there are two product-level integrations that are most common.


IBM QRadar

First, Stealthbits can supply IBM’s QRadar SIEM and analytics with near real-time data about file activity. Customer benefits include:

  • Out of the box threat awareness rules designed specifically for QRadar provide immediate value
  • Consolidated alerts are raised to a much higher level that cannot be ignored
  • Receive real value in terms of identifying and mitigating unauthorized or risky activity
  • Dissimilar events correlated to provide real context around business risk
  • All Accomplished Without the Need for Native Event Log Collection


Second, Stealthbits can give IBM’s ISIM and IGI identity governance and administration solutions insight into unstructured data entitlements to ensure people have a complete view of user access. Customer benefits include:

  • Identify and locate critical and sensitive data
  • Secure access to valuable files/shares
  • Protect critical assets, brand name, consumer confidence
  • Reduce liability and exposure
  • Alert on and mitigate insider threats
  • Make sure the right people have access to the right information

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