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Getting Unstructured Data Under Control for Security and Compliance

This free White Paper, written by Ultimate Windows Security’s Randy Franklin Smith, discusses why Unstructured Data presents such a major risk to the security of your organization, such as:

  • There is so much of it
  • It’s growing rapidly
  • It’s created and controlled by end-users so IT often doesn’t even know about it
  • There are many copies of it
  • It’s high-level information that can easily be exploited by bad guys, competitors and the press.

Randy Franklin Smith will also go into greater detail in how STEALTHbits Technologies can help organizations gain and stay in control of Unstructured Data, using a simple 4-step process:

  • Collect Policies
  • Identify Unstructured Data Collections
  • Classify Unstructured Data
  • Establish and Maintain Control

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