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Healthcare and HIPAA: A Hospital Network’s Data Breach

A large hospital network was growing fast by acquiring more U.S. locations. The hospital network’s IT teams were doing an excellent job of ensuring the security of patient data and other confidential information (e.g. PHI, PCI, etc.) stored in the ERP system. However, they had a blind spot. No one was watching the data being copied out of the ERP system by medical staff, accounting, and human resources. This data was ending up in spreadsheets and word documents on file shares and in emails.

Unfortunately, all it took was one employee unwittingly clicking on a malicious link in a phishing email to spread ransomware across the hospital network’s systems, locking staff out of medical records whose data could mean life or death for patients. The infection spread quickly across the organization’s data, thanks to the same connectivity that made the hospital network so productive by sharing IT resources and information. 

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Healthcare and HIPAA: A Hospital Network’s  Data Breach

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