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The StealthAUDIT Management Platform for Systems and Data Governance

Blog >The StealthAUDIT Management Platform for Systems and Data Governance

Every day Administrators are constantly asked to answer seemingly simple questions like Who? What? When? Where? and even How? users have access to systems and data within the infrastructure. STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc. takes a unified view on the IT world to bridge the gaps between Active Directory domains, systems, key applications, and shared data repositories to provide a single, comprehensive approach to assessing and securing the environment.

The StealthAUDIT Management Platform is designed to give the administrators who manage the environment a powerful toolset capable of providing the highly scalable, high-speed data collection, analysis, reporting, and remediation facilities needed to satisfy auditors and fulfill the continually evolving list of audit and compliance requirements. Embracing the undeniable fact that every organization has very different requirements, StealthAUDIT doesn’t force administrators into adopting a generic or pre-defined process, but allows the flexibility to fulfill these objectives while catering to existing processes and procedures. Contrary to single-threaded point solutions or product suites of disengaged tools loosely banded together, the StealthAUDIT Management Platform rises above and extends beyond to serve as an integrated and fully functional infrastructure management and compliance solution set to help organizations in desperate need of tools to establish comprehensive systems and data governance programs that satisfy compliance requirements, reduce risk of data exposure, and can quickly be implemented without a long, costly, and complex roll out to the organization.

StealthAUDIT insight starts with Active Directory as the center of the Microsoft-based infrastructure. Simple transactions in AD, like adding a user to or removing a user from a Group, have far reaching implications of granting or revoking access to all of the IT assets within the infrastructure. Controlling which AD administrators have this power to grant or revoke privileges, monitoring who is responsible for the changes that are taking place, as well as cleaning up directory objects that have gone stale over time are critical pieces to maintaining a healthy environment.

Lying beneath the AD umbrella are the actual systems within the infrastructure. Systems Administrators ultimately have the authority over the applications and data residing on their systems and can even create Users and Groups outside the view of the Domain. StealthAUDIT provides the consistency to provide the same insight on permissions, activity, and configuration at the system level required to maintain the stability and security desired.

Finally, information is the ultimate asset; as well as being the largest and most challenging area of risk to organizations these days. The data housed within an organization’s infrastructure ranges from proprietary to confidential, personal, healthcare, financial or otherwise government regulatory related. Data is constantly generated by internal users, partners, external customers, and even by automated systems. The volume of data is easily in the Terabytes at most organizations and spans many applications from Messaging (Exchange, Public Folder, and SharePoint) to the largest and most problematic area, the Distributed Shared File System. StealthAUDIT helps mitigate the risk of financial loss resulting from inappropriate access to (or storage of) privileged data spread across your Microsoft infrastructure with a proven workflow to effect change that ultimately reduces risk, reclaims storage capacity, and answers the age old questions around the Who? What? When? and Where? of your critical systems and data.

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