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The Data Access Governance (DAG) Market Heats Up

Blog >The Data Access Governance (DAG) Market Heats Up
Heating Up

We’ve done 3 analyst briefings in the last 2 weeks. That’s not a huge surprise. What’s interesting is that these were analysts we had not spoken with before and that they all came to us. They all said the same thing, too. More people are asking about data access governance. It’s coming up in briefings about security, identity and access management (IAM), SIEM, information governance, master data management (MDM), eDiscovery, and more. It also seems it’s not just the “who has access to what?” question being vaguely invoked. Customers are using the words “unstructured data” and “governance” when they are asking the questions to these analysts. Of course, that makes you feel pretty good. We’ve been shouting from the mountaintops about these issues (and our solutions) for years.

I think there are a few good reasons we’re seeing the DAG market tick up activity. First and foremost there was the IPO of our friends over at Varonis. (For those of you who are new around here, “friends” was in that special sarcasm font in that last sentence.) Even though Varonis is now moving on to competing with Google on enterprise search and Dropbox on file sync and share, the start and the bulk of their customer base came from DAG. The initial success of their IPO speaks to the fact that DAG is a real market that all layers of the industry recognizes. It also puts the visibility of the DAG issues at the investor level. Another reason is the intense interest from IAM vendors like SailPoint and RSA/Aveksa. These are companies driving the conversation in the security and identity world today, and they are both talking a great deal about unstructured data and controlling it via governance. Last but not least, people are finally connecting the dots between the data breaches in the news and the lack of control they have over the files on their networks. The market has spent too long worried about data in motion when they should have been worrying about making sure the wrong data didn’t get in motion to begin with. Keeping that data locked down is all about governance.

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