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StealthMAINTAIN for Active Directory: Marketing Derails Product Management Processes (Leak 2)

Blog >StealthMAINTAIN for Active Directory: Marketing Derails Product Management Processes (Leak 2)

If there were an award for Supersleuth Marketing Team of the year, STEALTHbits’ would be on the short list. We’ve crept around corridors and hid out in conference rooms to bring you the latest buzz on groundbreaking products that’ll be out soon. Earlier this year, we brought you a first look at StealthINTERCEPT, a game-changing real-time Active Directory solution. Now, we’ve cornered Dave Bullas, Product Manager for Active Directory, and convinced him to answer just a few questions about the latest thing to be coming through STEALTHbits’ doors in the near future.

Daria: We saw “StealthMAINTAIN for Active Directory” written on a whiteboard in Conference Room B the other day. What can you tell us about it?

Dave: Absolutely nothing. It’s classified, eh?

Daria: But the blogosphere wants to know! Is it a new product?

Dave: I can’t give you a lot of details, but if you think about the name, StealthMAINTAIN, maybe it’ll become a little clearer.

Daria: Maintain – like maintenance? Maintenance and clean-up?

Dave: Exactly – this product will be an extension to our existing SMP for Active Directory solution, and will allow users to perform remediation and provide them with insight into AD groups, users, and computers.

Daria: How is that different from what we have today?

Dave: It will give admins information from across their environments, allowing them to make decisions about changes much quicker. Since AD is a critical part of the File System, Exchange, SharePoint, and more, this solution will really provide visibility beyond what they can currently see, like effective rights and circular nesting across various data repositories.

Daria: Sounds cool!

Dave: We think so. But I have to head to meeting now.

Daria: But we have more questions!

Dave: This conversation never happened.

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