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Stealthbits ProTip: 23 NYCRR 500 Compliance

Blog >Stealthbits ProTip: 23 NYCRR 500 Compliance

While we here at Stealthbits can’t help our customers with the personal part of 23 NYCRR 500 Compliance, we can make it easy to identify the reports that help with Section 500’s access and activity pieces.

Starting with version StealthAUDIT v8.0 we’ve introduced report tagging, allowing you to easily organize the reports that are important to you. These can be named as desired, typically by their associated compliance standard. For this month’s ProTip I’ll be using the tag, ’23NYCRR500′.

First, we need to navigate to the configuration window of the report that we want to be tagged and grouped within the Report Index. Here I’ve chosen our Open Shares report, a perfect fit for Section 500. Within the window there is now a “Tags” line where the chosen name is entered (Note: Additional tags must be separated by a comma):

23 NYCRR 500 Reporting

Once the tag is n place, rerun the report. We can wait for our scheduled reports to run, our right-click the report and “Generate Now” like so:

NYCRR500 Reporting in StealthAUDIT.

This will apply the tag to the report and make it available to search within the report index. Selecting the new tag will show all reports associated with that given tag:

23 NYCRR 500 Reporting Index, Compliance Report, Reporting Tag, NYCRR 500

Now we can add the tag to additional reports or go back and create additional tags to organize our reports further!

You can learn more about NYCRR 500 and other compliance standards on the STEALTHbits website:

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